Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vegas in the air

When we were decorating the tree the other day, Ken hung an ornament I'd gotten for him in Vegas. It made us both go, "Ooo...Vegas." No trips anytime soon, but we'll get back there before too long.

At work today, Teresa was talking about taking a trip to the Vegas area, for a visit to a spa, possibly a spin around the Vegas track (she loves NASCAR), and just some general fun. She's single and rarely travels, so we all encouraged her to do something like that. She said she knew that I had a blast in Vegas, and she thinks it might be a place she'd like to visit. She says she's not much of a gambler, but there are so many other things to do there!

I just read fellow blogger Jimmy's Journal, and he wrote about funny things that flight attendants have said. It reminded me of our memorable flight to Las Vegas in '07. There was a guy a couple of rows ahead of us who had obviously had too much to drink. Everyone was all buckled in and the plane was ready to start taxiing when the guy decided he had to use the bathroom. The flight attendant told him he'd have to wait until we got in the air, but he was insistent, and would not sit down. She finally said, "If you don't sit down by the time I count to ten, I'll call the captain. One...two...." She actually started a countdown! But he sat down before she got to three. We got in the air, and a little bit later, we heard a commotion coming from where the guy was sitting. I thought, "Oh man, what's he doing now?" I fully expected we'd have to land soon so they could get the guy off the plane. I heard muttering from the people in front of us: "Awww, man...he puked!"

Sure enough, another flight attendant (this one male) came and got the guy and escorted him to the bathroom. The guy had puked down the front of his shirt. It was disgusting. The flight attendant got the guy's carryon bag, and they kept him at the back of the plane for most of the rest of the flight, while the flight attendant cleaned up his seat. We were all kind of snickering about it, and the FA told us, "He's wearing whatever he had in his bag, so don't laugh at him when he comes back, okay?" Well, when the guy came back, he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt--it looked like what he'd sleep in--and shower flip-flops. No one said anything...except for the flight attendant, who under his breath said, "Nice shoes." Hee heeee!

I don't blame the guy. I'd be pretty pissed, too, if I had to clean up the drunk guy's barfage.

The moral of this story is: whether flying to Las Vegas or any other destination, do not drink too much. Not only will you end up ruining a shirt, your fellow passengers and even the flight attendants will laugh at you. That's no fun!

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