Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's a big world out there

I've been doing a little surfing, and it really is amazing what you can find. I found a blog written by a foodie guy in Australia, and read about his friends and their Bite Club, where they fix elaborate meals for each other. I read a blog by a guy in Texas, also a foodie (both blogs had lots of recipes that looked really yummy). I read a blog by a woman in Canada who is a writer, and working on a book. All were incredibly well-written and interesting. I followed a few links and found some cool sites, too! One that I will definitely use is ideas and questions for blog topics, instead of just writing about things around here every day (although I'll still do that most of the time).

We've all read some blogs that are not very good, and not very well-written.  Some are downright nutty. But if you keep looking, you'll find some amazing stuff--for every crummy one, you can find ten good ones. Unless it's just my surfing habits that tend to lead me to the good ones...if I read one that I think is good or that piques my interest, I'm more likely to follow their links to blogs THEY enjoy reading, and so on. There is just so much out there, and so many diverse interests to explore! It makes you remember how many fun and interesting people are in our world. And chances are, you've got plenty of them in your own back yard! Not literally, of course. That would be creepy.

So in the spirit of discovering new things, I'll choose one of the aforementioned blog questions and write about it. Hmmmm...here we go! I had one picked out, but then found a Christmas-related one. I have to go with that one! "Which Christmas song is your favorite and why?"

I choose "O Holy Night." It starts out slowly and quietly, and there's a slight minor key in parts of it that I think really adds to the impact of the song. It builds to a big finish when you hit the "oh niiiiight, diVIIIIIINE" part, and it always gives me chills. My current favorite version is Brian Setzer's. He's got such a great voice, and he does a wonderful job with the song.

There. That was a simple one. I'll tackle a tougher one soon, I promise.

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