Sunday, December 23, 2007

Windy City South

The wind has continued all day, and the local news says that wind gusts tonight will be 50-70 mph. I told Ken, "We'll lose a tree or two, if that really happens." Keep your fingers crossed for us--and our trees--tonight!

Colts won, and the Bears got a big victory over the Packers. I'm not sure about the impact of either of these games--Colts had already clinched the division, and I think the Packers did, too--and Colts already had a bye week for the first round. Ken says the Bears' win over the Packers was more of a symbolic thing, because they're big rivals.

Hard to believe it's just two days before Christmas! This month just flew by. After I get off work tomorrow, we'll head down to my folks' place and have Christmas with my family. After I get off work on Christmas day, Ken and I will celebrate our Christmas and open our presents. We'll spend time later in the week with some of Ken's family. Although things didn't work out as we'd hoped, we have adjusted, and as I told Ken, "Sometimes things happen for a reason." More to come, I'm sure!

The wind is just crazy right now. It's almost scary, but it's good to be inside.

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