Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow more

It's only mid-December, and I'm ready for spring! This was our first BIG storm of the year. It snowed all last night, and when I got up to get ready for work, it looked like about 6 inches on the deck, and it was still snowing. I knew I wouldn't make it out of the driveway, so Ken took me in (thanks, Honey!). It seems to have stopped now, although I believe we're supposed to get a little more lake effect snow yet today. The winds are howling, too, so we've got significant drifting on our rural road. (I'm glad I'm off tomorrow!) But of course I have to admit that it IS very pretty, and it always makes me feel cozy to see the snow swirling off the roof and to know that I'm safe and warm in the house. It's pretty to look at, but MAN, I hate to drive in it!

We'll decorate the tree tonight. I'll write more later.


We haven't done the tree yet, but just got off the phone with Kim and Steve from California. Actually, Ken is still talking to Kim. A fun chat, discussing holiday plans, weather, etc. They're doing well, Steve is on Christmas break from his classes, and Kim is almost done. I was cleaning out my picture files and came across a nice picture from when they visited this past March. Here's to ya, guys! Miss you!

Wow...not to mention any names, but SOME people are overly tall, and really love to show it. Sheesh.

We had a little bit of snow then, but nothing like we have now! I don't know if they'd like this or not...for some folks from warmer climes, it's a novelty and it's fun, but for some, it's a cold hell on earth. They got a kick out of us grilling when there was a some snow on the deck, so I'm sure they'd be fascinated by this storm.

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