Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A good thing to do

I got an email this morning from the USO. They will be sending out thousands of care packages to troops for the holidays, and are asking for help. I urge you all to send a little holiday cheer to our troops and let them know we support them. You can't send packages directly anymore, due to security issues, so the USO is a fine way to help.

66 Years of the USO

Since just before World War II, the USO has been the bridge between the American people and our men and women in uniform, conveying the heartfelt appreciation and support of a grateful nation. Whether it is a quiet place to go for rest and relaxation, movies, refreshments, or a friendly face, the USO consistently delivers its special brand of service to the military.


I just got an email from my sister, who wrote, "Last I heard from Steve was a week ago.  They discharged him from the medical barracks and sent him back to Pendleton.  He still has some healing to do, but his current status is 'undeployable'.  Cool, huh?  Sounds like he may be here for Christmas, and perhaps even for THE birthday!  Is God good or what?"

Talk about "mysterious ways." By the way, "THE birthday" would be the birth of Steve and his wife's first child. She's due in January, and it always hurt my heart to think of him being overseas when the baby is born. I'm glad he's doing better, too--he must have been one sick guy for a while there, because he spent at least a week in the hospital, then a few weeks in the medical barracks.


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