Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa, please don't make me wrap anymore....

It is done!

Yes, I believe both Ken and I have finished wrapping presents. What a relief--I feel like a burden has been lifted! We enjoy giving presents, we really do, but I can't say that we enjoy wrapping them. However, I have to admit that handing someone an unwrapped present and saying, "Here you go" just doesn't have the same appeal, no matter how cool the present. And here's a question for you: do you wrap stocking presents? We do. That means lots of small presents to wrap. It's a lot of fun to open each little stocking present, though!

A very productive day--we got all of our errands done early, and I got home before noon! I was driving Blacky (Ken's Mustang), and Ken was driving the truck, so he took the opportunity to get me some stocking presents. I think we're actually done. YES! I told Ken today that one of the best presents he's ever given me is the urge to do Christmas shopping early--I've been buying online for some time now, and it's so great to have it done early and not have to worry about going out to shop! I honestly can't comprehend anyone who waits until the last minute, and goes to the mall to shop on Christmas Eve. That's some mighty strange behavior.

So...Hubby took the Keirsey test, and looks like he's the same as me: The Inspector. Looks like Ken and Shane and I are all very similar in our thoughts and personality! Hm!

Hope you all had a good day!


We were both quite chilled last night, and when we got up this morning, I said that I'd bring up the down comforter today. It sounded pretty good at the time, but our thermometer currently reads 49.8°. That's right--it's December 22 in northern Indiana, and it's almost 50°. Freakish. I did bring up the comforter from the basement, but it is currently on the floor in one of the spare bedrooms.


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