Sunday, March 30, 2008

Acting globally

Yesterday I wrote about some political stuff (amazing, I know), and one of the things I mentioned was President Bush's efforts in Africa. Lisa commented and said that she can't think of anything good to say about our current President.

I know that it IS hard to look around us today and try to find something positive to say about President Bush, but I encourage you all to read Bob Geldof's Time essay about traveling to Africa with the President. Sir Bob doesn't agree with the war or some of our foreign policies, but the President made a believer out of him when it comes to Africa. We have done good things there, and the President has driven that. I know this begs the question, "Doing good things in Africa is fine and dandy, but what about our own country?" I can't argue with that, and agree that we need to address plenty of our own issues. However, it's no longer possible to think locally or to have any kind of isolationist leanings; we must think globally. Things happening in Africa today may not affect us tomorrow, but they will in years to come. Not to mention the fact that people are dying there of diseases that we can prevent, with something as simple as a $5 mosquito net. It's just the right thing to do.

Ken and I have had discussions about this, and he did a little research this morning. He wrote what I think is a fine entry about President Bush (whether you love him or hate him). Check it out when you get a chance.



cmarlow480 said...

HI Beth,

Just wanted to stop back over and return the favor.

Idk about the whole bush thing... I really didnt care for him as prez. I am sorta glad that this is his last year as president. I will give you this he has done some good things but alot of things that counteract to some of the not so great moments he has done.

Thanks... and stop back by soon! ^_^

--- Christopher

queeniemart said...

i read that article and yes, it is all well and good. But i am one of those that says this man needs to look here, in his own front yard, and the MILLIONS that go without food or heat or even a way to get to a job to be able to provide for themselves before giving to others. I know so many people in my everyday life that work 40+ hrs a week and are WONDERFUL people who can not buy life saving meds every single month. Though they are still alive their lives will be cut short because they do not take care of themselves. Sickens me. And you know what? If i get sick, i will be one of them.

HUGS, lisa

makemarc said...

Oh please.  Bush didn't propose this initiative until 2005. Why not when he was first elected, when the need was just as great? Because he was afraid of losing the evangelicals who still think AIDS is punishment from God.
And if he hadn't invaded Iraq--and spent over 50 times what he's proposed against AIDS--we could have intervened in Darfur, and saved hundreds of thousands there. Except Darfur had no oil, so of course, Cheney would have vetoed any help.
His  tax cuts have caused so much poverty and lack of affordable health care that millions have suffered untold misery and even early death.  Not to mention the billions who will perish from global warming because of his administration's foot-dragging inaction.
Bush is a disaster. I'm sure he's had good intentions, but they've been trumped by blind ideology and stupidity. Owning a baseball team was about as far as he should ever ever made ti.