Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shooting myself in the foot

After my nice little entry yesterday about the importance of sleep, what did I do? I stayed up too late last night. I have no good explanation for it other than that I enjoyed the day so much, I just didn't want it to end! I felt pretty sleepy today, but I did okay. We had a great day at work today, maybe because doctors' offices started closing early on Friday, so not as much work came in for today. I hope we all have as good a day tomorrow. It's kind of weird, because the weekends have been so bad lately that our manager asked us to come up with some ideas of how to handle things if the workload was really crazy. There were some suggestions about reassigning duties, switching tasks to other benches, etc., but I said I was hesitant to do that because workload on the various benches can vary so much. Sometimes Blood cultures are crazy, sometimes Hospital cultures are...we decided to play it by ear, assess things as we went along, and go from there, but keeping in mind what is priority and what can be left if need be. (That's pretty much what we do anyway!) It worked really well, and as I was checking with everyone and hearing that things were good, I told our crew, "We ROCK!" And we do!

And hey, we didn't get walloped with snow the way they were forecasting. Although Eugene, who lives in Michigan, got several inches, we only got about a half an inch here at Nutwood. No problems on my drive into work this morning.

Today was a good day--and the sun is shining!


buckoclown said...

Glad your day was good.  Nice to have my Wifey home to watch March Madness and golf (delayed due to rain, Tiger was struggling today, so he will regroup and kick some Butt). Tonights menu is Broiled Salmon, Crab Cakes, Noodles, and Salad - and if course, some Chardonnay :o)

queeniemart said...

i'm glad you guys didnt get that snow.....i do that a lot too....i will know it is my day to sleep and i will clean or read or be in J Land or something and then get no sleep and stay tired all week. Go figure!
Hugs, lj