Tuesday, March 4, 2008


A pretty good day at work today! We were busy enough, but not crazy-busy like it has been. That was good, because we had a lecture to attend today, and it lasted about an hour and a 45 minutes. What was amazing, though, was that we didn't even realize that that much time had gone by, because the guy was fascinating and such a good speaker! He's a Ph.D. from University of Iowa, and he spoke about positive blood cultures and the lab's role. Positive blood cultures are probably the most crucial thing we deal with, because it can be life-threatening in a matter of hours. I was so interested that I didn't even get a little bit sleepy, and this was after the lunch they gave us! I even asked a question after he was done, and I rarely do that. I'm always hugely impressed by people that speak so well and so easily, probably because I am the complete opposite. I've given little inservices at work, and I'm even nervous about those, although I'm okay once I get going. He came up afterward and toured our department, and was just the kindest, most likable guy, and SO knowledgeable. We all really enjoyed his lecture, and probably the thing I've liked the most about my job over the years is the fact that I still find it wonderfully interesting, and I still learn new things almost every day. One of these days I'll write about one of my favorite topics, how disease has affected history. Stop laughing, it's a lot more interesting than you'd think. One of the books in my stack is The American Plague, which is about yellow fever and how those epidemics shaped America's history. I'm sure you all can hardly wait for THAT entry! I promise, you'll find it interesting....

When I drove up into the driveway after work today, I noticed something tan on one of the bird feeders. At first I thought it was squirrel butt, but I looked closer, and it was one of our small hawks! I think he's a red-shouldered hawk. Here's a pic, a little fuzzy, but isn't he handsome?

Since I was downloading the hawk pics, I'll include a few recent others. Here are a few of the turkeys in our back yard--this was the day we counted about 75 of them, so this is only some of them! One of my friends at work, Alissa, told me that her husband Scott (a hunter) was concerned about me and my family, and didn't want us to get Avian Flu, so he was willing to come over and cull the flock. I said that was a very kind and generous offer, but I usually don't make a habit of going out and hugging our turkeys!


Here's a squirrel with cold hands. (Paws? They LOOK like little hands!)

Finally, here's our cat, Sheeba, checking his email. We suspect that while we're at work, Sheeba and Baxter (our friends Kim and Steve's cat) exchange IM's. That's okay, as long as they stay away from the kitty porn. <snort> Get it?



Reader Bill wrote a great entry on his journal, Rosarium, about my "Dressing Down" entry. Check it out!


buckoclown said...

I know that many people have a fear of speaking.  I was that way early in my career, but I have been involved in so many volunteer organizations, and have had many responsibilities in my current job, that I have the opportunity to speak on many occassions.  It really all comes down to practice.  I am looking forward to the next phase of my career (unfortunately still about nine years away), when I can switch careers and go into either teaching or local politics.  

ziggy2315 said...

That hawk will think your bird feeder is his lunch counter now. Lots of small birds congregating so his chances of finding a snack or two are pretty good. He is pretty though. You don't go out and hug your turkeys? Martha would do that wouldn't she? The squirrel is also very cute and he looks healthy. Was this picture taken recently with all that snow? Brrr.....Kitty porn....groan.

fremoris said...


Thank you for your kind comment on my posting on Dressing Down.  I appreciate that.  And perhaps I can offer some advice on public speaking as well.  See my post in Rosarium for 2/21/08: “Uncle Bill’s Guide to Public Speaking”


queeniemart said...

you are so funny....kitty porn! lol
I am looking forward to your entry about work...i love to hear work stories. So glad you had an interesting speaker and learned something at work......good for you!
i love seeing the pics too.
HUGS, lisa

luvrte66 said...

Ziggy wrote: "That hawk will think your bird feeder is his lunch counter now. Lots of small birds congregating so his chances of finding a snack or two are pretty good." I thought about that, Ziggy! I hope he doesn't start hanging around too close to the house, trying to pick off our birds.


rdautumnsage said...

Loved the pictures hon! I went and visited Bill's journal. Interesting gentleman. (Hugs) Indigo

helmswondermom said...

I loved the pictures!  Glad you had a good day at work.