Saturday, March 29, 2008

A quiet Saturday

It's been a quiet day here at Nutwood. We've been busy being un-busy! Actually, we've both gotten some things done, but nothing overly complicated or serious. Ken got the high speed Internet cable grounded today--the cable company neglected to do that when they installed it, and after going through 2 modems and a couple of fried phones and phone jacks due to lightning strikes, he knew that with summer's volatile weather on the way, it needed to be done. He also got 2 new wine racks put together, and our "hobby" room in the basement is starting to look like a nice little wine cellar! I've been doing laundry, and managed to read quite a bit of Sophie's Choice. (More about that in a moment.) I also bit the bullet and ordered another CD cabinet from Sorice.


A while back, Cousin Shane mentioned our Sorice cabinets in an email. We both have them and love them. I've got 3, and I think he might have 4. (We love our music, have I mentioned that?) Although they're pricey, they're solid wood and very nice. I asked Ken if he wanted me to look for something that wasn't so expensive, and he said if we're going to have it for a long time (and we will), we should go ahead and get one that matches the other ones. This is what they look like, although I've got the dark oak rather than the golden oak shown in the picture. I outgrew the 3 we have some time ago, and the stacks of CD's by the stereo are about as bad as the stacks of books by my side of the bed! A major housecleaning is coming soon....

Speaking of Cousin Shane, I just got an email from him that he got home safely. He was visiting his Dad in Tucson, and had a great time. Other than when he was taking pictures in the desert, and backed into a prickly pear cactus. Ouch! He said the desert was blooming, so I'm looking forward to seeing his pictures.

I forgot to mention that I heard from Bill, AKA "Wildcat," of The Wildcat's Lair. I wrote that I loved his graphic art about Frank the cat, and noticed that he hadn't posted in a while. He wrote that he's been very busy lately, because he and his wife are getting very close to publishing their novel! Let's hope they are successful! He also mentioned that he wants to get back to Frank one day, so I'm also hoping for more of those adventures. Good stuff!

Oh, about Sophie's Choice, the March book for our book club. Jillian and I were talking the other day about how good it is, but how difficult to read. Not difficult as in hard to understand, but difficult as in we can only handle so much pain and anguish at one sitting. William Styron has an incredible talent for putting you into the middle of the story, the emotions of the characters, and the sheer agony of their experiences. I read quite a bit today, but I got to the point where I had to put it down. I may pick it up again later tonight, but I needed a mental health break.

Sometimes I read things online that really disturb me. 99% of my fellow bloggers and J-Landers write fun and interesting things (at least the ones that I've read), and I'm enjoying getting to know so many of you. But there are a few that I've stumbled across that just plain give me the creeps. At first glance, they seem fairly normal, but as you keep reading, you sense a deep-seated and constant paranoia, and get a sense that their lashing out at others is a poorly disguised attempt to cover up their own inadequacies. I've read things that make me feel like I've been slimed, or like I've just looked into a dark and scary basement of mental disturbance. The outpouring of vitriol, bile, and hatred is so alien to me that it hurts my mind and my soul. The blogs I enjoy are ones that make me smile, or think, or marvel at their writers' cleverness and excellent writing. The ones I don't enjoy are the ones that leave me with that look of mingled disgust and disbelief on my face, as in, "Good God...this is nuts." Thank goodness the vast majority fall into the former category.


cayasm said...

Glad you had a good day, and you have a wine cellar to boot, my friend who lives in France has a huge wine cellar but not for long when I go to, I like CD's but it's my DVD collection that has got out of I'm rapidly running out of space. I read Sophie's Choice about 20 years ago and it does have that emotional pull, have you read "Wild Swans"?. I know what you mean about creepy journalers I tend to lurk a bit before I decide to comment, and some of those out there just make the hairs stand up ewww.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend


PS. check out this site

luvrte66 said...

Yasmin, it's not so much a wine cellar as a series of racks in a room in the basement. Ha! But it stays fairly cool down there, even in the summer, and it's fun to look for bargains and then stash them away for a few years.

Our media collection isn't limited to CD's, believe me...the DVD's are also getting out of control! But we're the kind that will rewatch favorite movies, and there are some that I'll never get tired of watching!

Thanks for the shelfari link--I've seen similar sites, and I'm intrigued. I've bookmarked it for a closer look when I retire. That might make a nice winter project!


mpnaz58 said...

OMG...I'm in Tucson!!  I'll bet Cousin Shane told you that the weather is perfect, blue skies, star filled nights...none of the white stuff found in your neck of the woods!!  Those cabinets are really nice :)  You get what you pay for, and even if something is pricey, you'll get the intended use, then its worth it!  You sound like me with books...I have tons, don't get to them, but I keep buying!  I've found that my tastes have changed over the years.  Right now, I'm into spiritual, a little beyond self help (though I can sure use that).  Not that much into fiction, for now at least.  I know what you mean about has changed over the years!
xoxo ~Myra

luvrte66 said...

Myra, Shane did indeed mention that the weather in Tucson was perfect. He might comment on that when he gets a chance to catch up! Shane loves the Southwest, and although I've spent very little time there, I'm looking forward to seeing its beauty when we (eventually) take our Route 66 trip.


queeniemart said...

those CD cabinets look great and i think it is wise to pay more for something that will last longer. Yikes for your cousin and his tender backside. lol
i know well that there are some vile, evil people on AOL  but there are many more nice folks. I try to write for me, not others and that can be hard. I am reading a book called "Stiff", about dead people being disected and used for medical experiments. Crazy book.
HUGS, lisa