Sunday, March 16, 2008



We just watched Tiger Woods win the Arnold Palmer Invitational with a 20+ foot putt. This was his fifth PGA tour win in a row. The guy is utterly and completely phenomenal.

The subject of competitiveness came up today when I was catching up on my Time magazines. Plenty of articles about the campaign, of course. One of the articles mentioned that Obama loves to play hoops, and one of his friends said that Obama is VERY competitive. I told Ken, "Hmm! You know how I like that in a person. Tiger, Peyton...." I love seeing someone be competitive, wanting to win, studying and working to learn all they can about whatever their goal may be. True excellence comes with hard work, attention to detail, and serious study of all of the nuances of whatever the "game" may be. Cheating doesn't count--win fair and square, or just stay home.

Congratulations, Tiger. Great win!


buckoclown said...

The last putt shows, STEEL TRAP BABY!!! :o)

queeniemart said...

one of my closest friends LOVES Tiger Woods like you do. She talks about him all the time. My dad also watches him constantly.