Thursday, March 20, 2008

Majorly mellow

A great day at work today--almost no overtime! Will wonders never cease?

It was a beautiful, sunny day, although still chilly. I'm trying to drink in the sunshine, because tomorrow the forecast is for 3-5" of snow. Bleah. Ken and I both have the day off tomorrow, him for Good Friday and me because I work the weekend.

When I took the garbage out this evening, I noticed some tiny crocuses coming up along the path out to the road. Neato! Some are popping up by the house, too, but the ones along the path have little blossoms on them. Even though we're supposed to get snow tomorrow, I feel like this may be winter's last gasp. I sure hope so.

I went to the grocery store after work tonight, and it was fairly busy, so I was happy to get out of there quickly. I got everything put away, and now I'm sitting here letting the work day roll away, and I feel so relaxed and calm. I'm almost slug-like in my mellowness! <grin> It's just such a nice feeling to know I don't have to get up early tomorrow, and we can stay up and watch the Notre Dame game (Who am I kidding? I'll be out like a light before the half!), and just have an all-around nice day off together. Ahhhh!


Hey, last night we watched a documentary on PBS about Lucy and Desi Arnaz. I had only intended to watch an hour of it, then switch over to "American Idol," but it was so dang good we watched the rest of it (missing the first half hour of AI--no problem). It was so well done and so interesting--and of course, so funny--that we both really enjoyed it. She was a remarkable woman, and although everyone knows about her comedic genius, she was also an extremely smart businesswoman. She ran Desilu by herself after she bought out Desi's share, and did you know that she was responsible for giving the go-ahead for the production of "Mission: Impossible," of my all-time favorites, "Star Trek"? Yep. And Desi was also a genius when it came to production. He's the one responsible for multiple cameras used to film the "I Love Lucy" show, a technique that is still used.

One of the most touching stories came from Carol Burnett, another crazy redhead. She and Lucy became good friends, and Lucy was a mentor to Carol. Lucy would send Carol flowers on her birthday, every year without fail. Lucy died the morning of Carol's birthday, and that afternoon...Carol got her birthday flowers from Lucy.

I think I went through a couple of Kleenexes at hearing that one.


buckoclown said...

Shows about Lucy - boxes vs. single tissues.  Good thing we keep stocked up :o)

queeniemart said...

we LOVE Lucy here and we watch her shows daily, still, on TVLAND....and i LOVE LOVE LOVE Carol Burnett! I have seen shows talking about Desi and Lucy's businesses.
Wow, i wish you weren't getting that snow. Phooey.
hugs, lisa

deshelestraci said...

She really was amazing.