Sunday, March 2, 2008

A fun evening

We had a great time last night!

Our dinner was SO good. We started off with appetizers: "schrimpscargot" (not as good as escargot, but still tasty) and a blue crab tater tot (basically a crab cake--not as flavorful as some we've had but I always love crab cakes). After salads, Ken had rack of lamb, and I had smoked duckling breast. I was glad I chose it, because it was tender and delicious. We washed it all down with a nice bottle of Kenwood zinfandel. For dessert, Ken had a scoop of peanut butter ice cream, and I had a Bailey's on the rocks. I suppose it sounds silly to have a drink as dessert, but Bailey's is so sweet and creamy to me, and tastes like dessert! It was very yummy!

The show was excellent, too. We were in the second row! (It helps to have a day off when tickets go on sale.) We didn't get picked on, but the guys sitting next to us did. All the comedians were hilarious, but one of our favorites was this guy, Drew Hastings:


His bits about living on his farm in Ohio were too funny. The guy we probably liked the most, though, was Greg Warren:


                                                                "Hit 'em with your flute, Greg!"

If you like going to the comedy club, if either of these guys come through your town, go see 'em. Lots of fun!


buckoclown said...

No Neck Nick :o)  Thanks for a fun evening Wifey!

queeniemart said...

isn't Hastings on Bob and Tom? Glad you two got out and had such a good time! I have been to lots of shows in Cincy.....the funniest were the ones who were half drunk at the time.
hugs, lisa

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time. I think it's awesome 6 years later you still do the occasional date. (Hugs) Indigo