Monday, March 17, 2008

Not Irish

As far as I know, I don't have a smidgen of Irish in me. Mostly German with a little Dutch, I think. However, since I'm a Notre Dame fan, I feel perfectly fine with wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's basically just another day for me, though.

To continue the vegetable discussion (very briefly), Yasmin mentioned that roasted carrots with a little honey are delicious. That DOES sound good, thanks Yasmin! My usual way of fixing carrots is to boil them till they're tender, then add a little butter and some of our wonderful Funks Grove Maple Sirup. I think next time I'll try roasting them. I've roasted carrots with beef and pork roasts, of course, but never by themselves with olive oil and salt.

As for the maple "sirup" (and that really is how this place spells it), I order every year from Funks Grove, a place in Shirley, Illinois, on Route 66. It's definitely one of the Route 66 icons, and Shane and I stopped there when we went on our short trip in 2001. It's funny, because I don't like syrup on my pancakes or French toast (on the rare occasions that I eat them). Just butter and powdered sugar. But I love using syrup for cooking, dressings, etc. I usually order a half a gallon, but I still have half of one left from last year, so I'll cut down to a quart this year. The flavor of it is so different from the fake stuff--it's much thinner, and it has a sort of "fresh" flavor to me. It's yummy goodness!

So...Sir Paul and Heather's divorce settlement was final today. She gets $48 million, twice what Paul offered, but about a third of what she wanted. Continuing her incredibly classy attitude, she stood in front of the cameras afterward and ragged on Paul's lawyers for their treatment of her. Paul said nothing, just got in the car and sped off. 25 years--heck, in 5 years, for that matter--I wonder who people will remember more? Paul for contributing lasting greatness to music history, or his bitter ex-wife for making their divorce a media circus? I'll put my money on Paul. I suspect she will now vanish almost completely from the public eye--not because that's what she wants, but because no one wants to see a no-talent ride the coattails of their more famous and more talented spouse. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes, Heather....

A little later

I think this AOL poll says it all:

Poll Results

Whose side are you on?

Team Paul



Team Heather



Note on Poll Results Total Votes: 213,833

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cayasm said...

Heather Mills as you can imagine here in the UK is not popular, and all she got was £24 million she asked for £125 million, but she is still going to court to fight the details of the case is not to be published. But according to British Lawyers she didn't really get a good settlement, but of course the lawyers win. I can't wait until the case is published which then means she can't write a book about but will probably do so in the US(you lucky

Take care


jimsulliv3 said...

I'm far from being a chauvinist, but Heather is a b...,  er, loser. Men get older and sometimes fame and notoriety give you cause to do stupid things. I side with Paul.

Happy St. Patrick's, everyone's Irish.


luvrte66 said...

Yasmin, I don't think she's any more popular here in the U.S.! And believe me, if she publishes a book here, she couldn't pay ME to read it. Ugh.

Jimmy, I agree. I just hope that if there's a next time for Paul, he signs a pre-nup!


buckoclown said...

I have much more Scottish than Irish, but just enough to say - Happy St. Paddies day :o)  As for Heather, some are just victims to the end!

queeniemart said...

i remember when he first met her and his daughter hated Heather.....and i thought then he must be the kind of man who at his age wanted companionship and she seemed so "noble" with the one leg and such.....well, she was a fake huh? I then read he has a serious drinking problem....i wonder if she was part of the reason? She has shown herself to be a money hungry shrew if you ask me.
I love lots of syrup on my pancakes and i LOVE pancakes...Rick hates pancakes and hates syrup. He also hates gravy.
my brother hates tomatoes but loves ketchup. People are strange. lol
i hope you and Ken had a great St. Paddy's day!
HUGS, lisa

stratmanj5 said...

Ok, the Paul/Heather thing finally got me to get an account!  I am SO angry about that.  How many hit songs did she write?!  Was she actually the 5th Beatle?  Why does she deserve 48mil?  It's ridiculous.  Parasite.  If his wealth was something she helped him build then she's entitled to it.  But to come along and marry him for a short while in the twilight of his career and milk him for 48mil is so evil.  I hope she chokes on it.  

Cheers!  Hahaha!

See you soon  Q

luvrte66 said...

Hmm...might that be my pal Jimi? Tell us how you really feel, Jim! <grin>

I  think I made it pretty obvious how *I* feel about her, and it sounds like most folks agree that she's a money-grubbing bitch. As you said, just HOW did she further his career in the brief time they were married, and just HOW is she entitled to that much money? Grrr. Ah well, it's only a fraction of what he actually has, and I don't think Sir Paul will be destitute after this. I bet he's mostly just relieved it's all over and he doesn't have to listen to her anymore!


P.S. I'm glad you got an account! Add your two cents' worth of wisdom any ol' time, buddy!

buckoclown said...

Jimi - could not agree with you more :o)