Friday, March 21, 2008

Testing, one two three...


I'm trying a little experiment this morning, so bear with me. Here's Brian Setzer again, just because I like him, and because I wanted to try another format for writing, so I can wrap text around pictures. I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be an easy way to wrap text when adding an entry in AOL, and that's always bugged me.

I tried doing this in Microsoft Word, and I found it cumbersome and difficult to navigate. (I don't use Word a lot, though, so there are probably easier ways to do it.) I'm not sure where I read about Google Docs (, but I thought I'd give it a try. It seems to be fairly easy to navigate, and I've made it this far, so that's good! It's an interesting program, too. It's still in Beta, but basically, you can create and edit documents, but also share them with others, so they can go in and edit them as well. I can see how that would be invaluable for collaborating on papers or presentations. It autosaves, too. Neato!

So I'm going to write a bit here, then try copying it and pasting it into my journal.

Again, nothing to do with Brian Setzer. Although since I wrote about him the other day, I've been on a major Brian kick. I loaded up several CD's onto the MP3 player, and I've been playing him at work for the past couple of days. Good stuff, man!

And speaking of music (okay, that was my first transition from writing to the right of the pic to underneath, and it worked perfectly), Shane went to Chicago the other night with his friend Steve to see the band X. They were a punk/New Wave band from the '80's that we really liked a lot, and Shane said they sounded great. One of our favorite albums from that time was X's "Under the Big Black Sun."


Okay, here we are trying a right-aligned picture, and I'm wrapping the text left. It's working, it's really working!

Here is Shane's review of the show:

just thought i'd let you know how the X concert was.  oh my god, it was awesome!  i was not quite sure what to expect, but they ended up doing almost exclusively stuff from the first 3 albums.  they totally punked it up!  there was a mosh pit in the middle, and young 20-something kids were slamming around.  i thought it was really cool that a 30 year old band with 50+ year-old members was playing music that was exciting enough for younger people to be moshing it up to!  the power of GOOD music!  exene cervenka was so cute.  you could tell she was older, but she was so unintentionally funny.  she wore kind of a frumpy looking black dress with white trim and buttons up the front, but she pulled the look off great!  it looked cool!  she just let her hair fall in her face all the time as she was singing and bopping around the stage.  billy zoom played the guitar with such precision and with that shit-eating grin on his face....he makes playing his instrument look like nothing, he almost looks like a machine in his playing manner, but yet he's always looking at people in the audience and smiling at them, looking at them, even winking a few times!  seems to be a very personable guy.  john doe was really into it, playing bass and singing (he reminds me of johnny cash, kind of weathered-looking but really moved by the music), and dj bonebrake really did a great job on the drums! i was just totally blown away by the show.  they were much better than i thought they were going to be.  they totally punked out!
How cool that it was such a great show. Sometimes you never know how some of our favorite bands from the '80's will sound, but of the few we've seen (Blondie and The Tubes for me and Shane, B-52's and now X for Shane) have proven that they've still got the chops to play great music!
Another subject, then I'll be ready to get this up and see how it works. I was right about not staying awake for the entire Notre Dame/George Mason game last night, but it was a moot point, because they were never in any real danger of losing the game. They played very well. We watched the end of the Duke/Belmont game in which Belmont almost pulled off a huge upset! We kept saying, "Wow!" and "Oh my God!" and agreed that this is what makes the NCAA tournament so exciting.
Okay, it worked pretty well. The spacing didn't quite make the transition, so I had to tidy that up a bit, and I had to fiddle with the fonts a bit, but all in all, it worked. I am now able to wrap text around pictures, and I'm as happy as a little girl! Also, the entry is saved on Google. Good deal!



buckoclown said...

Looks good :o)

jimsulliv3 said...

How neat is that. As you know, I use the wrap also and I like using the AOL wrap because you can put more than one photograph (as is my wont). I like the google idea because of the way you were able to also wrap left. 'Ya did good, kid !


aimer said...

I am so impressed and excited.  I didn't know about Google docs. I'm going to try it with my next post. Like you, I like to wrap text around pictures which used to be possible with AOL! Thank you!--Sheria

slapinions said...

This was the first I've heard of Google Docs but it's certainly something I'll take a good long look at using.


rdautumnsage said...

Wicked Awesome! I use Google Reader to keep track of alerts, never thought to search for something like this. I'm definitely going to check it out. I use horrendous amounts of graphics in my entries. I used to be able to wrap the text with the original AOL Journal format, haven't a clue since they upgrades. Cool Beans! (Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

I hope everyone likes it as much as I do!