Friday, March 28, 2008

Glass slipper, size 14


I'm sorry for all my Wisconsin pals, and Ken and I always support Big Ten teams, but we were shocked and awed by Davidson's win over the Badgers. This wasn't a nail biter, it was a blowout. Davidson seemed to want it more, and they are this year's Cinderella team. No matter where you're from, or who you root for, I think everyone loves the little team that makes some big noise. This is what is exciting about the tournament! I can still remember 15 years ago or so, when my alma mater, Ball State University, made it to the Sweet Sixteen. Ball State is a state school (David Letterman is our most famous alum, and he's been very generous to us...and I think he's kinda cool to have as our most famous!), and they'd never been on the national level in sports until that year. I remember watching them almost beat UNLV (I believe the Rebels went on to win the championship that year), and literally jumping up and down in front of the TV like I had a pogo stick in place of my spinal cord. So I get how Davidson feels.

Congrats to Davidson. Huzzah!

Ken just weighed in on his journal, and I liked what he had to say.

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buckoclown said...

Looks more like a size 5 :o)