Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Even though I'm sad that I won't get to see my wonderful hubby tonight, I am totally enjoying my day off. I slept in, and I've done lots of puttering and downright time-wasting, but the laundry is done, and that was the main thing I needed to do today. It was sunny all morning, and is only now starting to cloud up, but it was great to see some sun today! And it's 50°! A gorgeous day. I got the bird feeders filled and the bird bath cleaned and filled, and everyone seems happy. Even Sheeba managed to find himself a little spot of sunshine on the floor, and curled up and fell asleep. The peace and quiet here today has been very therapeutic. I've felt so happy today with having a day off, and it made me wonder if, when I stop working, my days off will seem as wonderful and precious? I decided that yes, they will. When the weather gets nice, and I can start working outside, or sitting on the deck to read whatever book I happen to be reading, I believe I will enjoy each and every day. Even if it's raining, I'll be cozy inside and find something to occupy my time. Every day is a gift, right? They are meant to be enjoyed.

Speaking of gifts, oh boy, guess what I got in the mail today?! A book! And not just any book, THIS book:

Yep, it's written by my pal, Dr. Will. And guess what else?

Yep, he signed it! How cool is that?! We've exchanged a few emails, and believe me, he's just as nice as can be. In response to my comments about his entry concerning moving from New York City to Indiana, he wrote that if I'd send him my address, he'd have his assistant send out a copy of the book. "Refrigerator rights" is his phrase for gauging how close you let people get to you. I.e., are they close enough friends or family that they feel comfortable helping themselves to whatever is in your fridge, and vice versa when you are at their house? I wrote that he had perfect timing, because with my pending retirement, I will soon have time to reconnect with those who it seems I rarely have time to see, with working full time and every other weekend. I love my sisters to pieces, for example, but it's a rarity that we all have a day off together. I'm looking forward to getting together with them more often!

So thanks, Dr. Will. You're a peach!


helmswondermom said...

I'm so glad you're having such a nice day.  Our temps are close to 60 right now!  Love it!  The book sounds really interesting.  I'll have to take a look for it.  How nice of him to send you a copy and autograph it.  Hope you continue to have a great week!

buckoclown said...

Hmmm.  Hard to tell from your entries.  Are you looking forward to April 11th or not?  Miss you Wifey:o)

luvrte66 said...

Miss you, too, Hubby!


queeniemart said...

how cool that you got that book! I bet you will enjoy it too. It is great that you had such a good day.....with the temps rising maybe we'll all finally get some spring fever!
HUGS ,lisa