Friday, March 7, 2008

This is getting old

Another really busy day at work today. My good rest from yesterday was gone in a flash--I'm pooped! My manager came out and helped us, and that meant we got out of there at around 4. I got about 45 minutes of overtime, but I felt extremely pressured all day to work faster in order to get everything done.

That's it, I've had enough. I'm quitting! In a little over a month, I am seriously quitting! <grin>

I told Ken the other day, "I gave my notice, and now they're trying to kill me!" Ha! I'm hoping that the weekend won't be as horrid as they have been lately. Oh, I just remembered, though, that we have the time change Sunday morning. I'm going to lose an hour of sleep. Waaaah, Ricky!

Something occurred to me today--once I get done with this five day stretch, I will have less than 30 days to go. Cool!

On the local news, they're talking about campaign visits from Obama and Clinton to our town. The rumor is that they will both be here on Dyngus Day (more about that in a moment), but Obama could visit as soon as next weekend. I know that probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most, but our primary is so late that presidential candidates rarely make an appearance, and it's usually decided by now, anyway. Also, Indiana is a Republican stronghold, but northern Indiana is definitely more Democrat-leaning. So this is quite exciting, and everyone is abuzz!


Dyngus Day is the day after Easter, and it's a Polish holiday. We're one of the rare cities in the country that celebrate it (Buffalo is another), but we have a large Polish population here. I'm not Polish, so I don't usually join in the festivities, which include eating Polish sausages, hard-boiled eggs, and consuming mass quantities of beer. (Although I think it's kind of like St. Patrick's Day--no matter your heritage, you can be Polish for a day. Boy, the jokes are just writing themselves in my head right now!) For some reason, it's also become equated with Democratic politics here, and Dems running for state office will usually campaign here. To have the presidential candidates visit on Dyngus Day would be HUGE! I'd try to go see Obama, but I bet it would be kind of hard to get in to see him.

Tonight I've decided to make a Taco Quiche. Hamburger and onion fried with taco seasoning, topped with cheese, and then a sort of biscuit layer over the whole thing. Nice and easy, and we'll have a big salad, too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


jimsulliv3 said...

It's good to see some of the taken-for-granted states pop up and have input. I'm growing a little tired of Billary and Obama-lama-ding-dong. Eight more weeks of winter and eight more weeks of whiners


mpnaz58 said...

Michelle Obama was in Tucson last month, and several people from my work attended.  My HR manager said no matter if your Dem or Rep, she is truly the "closer"...very inspirina and motivating.  I've never been to hear a candidate speak, but I am certainly considering it in the future...unless, its a boring race with boring fuddy duddy's!
xoxo ~myra

queeniemart said...

everything in my city is closed down....level 3 snow emergency.....i called off from work.....SIGH, Spring, Spring come come fast. We have 6 more inches coming over night. I think its awesome Clinton and Obama will visit your town.....just imagine if they showed up and ate the eggs and drank all the beer. lol
i hope your weekend goes quickly!
hugs, lisa

slapinions said...

Big Polish community here in Milwaukee. My name ends in 'ski' :) and my family has been involved in fraternal Polish organizations for nearly a century, but that's the first time I've heard of that holiday. Weird - maybe I just never paid attention.