Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Irony, thy name is American Idol

For the past two weeks, American Idol has featured the songs of the Beatles. Some performances have been good, some have been crummy, but most have served to reinforce that the Beatles, and the Lennon/McCartney songwriting duo in particular, have produced some of the most memorable, long-lasting, and just plain GREAT songs in the history of modern, recorded music. And it's such a fine line for the AI contestants. Some songs you really don't mess around with (An up-tempo version of "Let It Be"? I don't think so, and thank goodness the person did a low-key piano version.), but others lend themselves to a different interpretation.

Not everything in the Beatles' catalog has worked for the younguns on American Idol, but many have been very good, which is a fine testament to just how wonderful these songs are.

Especially ironic, considering the settlement today between Sir Paul and Heather Mills. As my pal Jimi put it, just exactly how did she contribute to his income, since he is one of the greatest musicians and songwriters in history, in the four years they were married? Oh yeah...she didn't! What great irony to see the Beatles songs given such reverence on American Idol, and to see some of these kids do such a great job. Although there was one girl--Kristy Lee Something--who said that she was just learning about these songs...you know, these BEATLE guys. She didn't recognize any of the songs. She picked her song just because of the title.

Automatic dismissal, as far as I'm concerned. Are you kidding me? If you want to be a singer and an entertainer, learn your craft and learn a little history of music. Maybe you don't really need it to be a best-selling recording artist, but for God's sake, learn it out of respect for the music and for the artist.

She doesn't know the Beatles?! I'm sorry, but that is simply not acceptable. Begone, clueless chick.

As for me, I be gone to bed. Sleep tight, y'all!



cayasm said...

I'm so happy that Ms Mill will not get any of the coffers from the Beatles, as quite rightly said she did not contribute.


queeniemart said...

i wrote about this and i did not think any of them really "got it" and mostly butchered my beloved Beatles songs. I think the higher up's at AI are probably PISSED.
In two years most of the UK will be saying "Heather Who?"

XO lj