Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not so fast, Spring Thing!


This isn't Sheeba, but I thought it was a cute picture, and sums up our gloomy day quite well!

I guess I jinxed myself--and all of us around here--with my talk of spring and my pictures of crocuses. The crocus blooms are closed up tight this evening, because it's been precipitating this afternoon. I don't know quite what to call was basically raining big globs of snow. I'll call it "snain." (As opposed to "snirt," which I learned about when I lived in North Dakota. If anyone knows what snirt is, leave a comment--you get a gold star for the day!) I know we're getting close to spring, but bleahhh, what a crummy day! Blimey! (Thanks, Yasmin!)

Well, some big doin's here about Hillary's planned visit on Friday. The plan was for her to visit one of the local high schools tomorrow morning, but the school superintendent denied the visit, stating something about how they have always had a policy of not allowing campaigning during the school day, and it could subject the kids to safety issues, blah blah blah. I don't know what the heck he was talking about, but I think most people in town are pretty pissed off at him. For the first time in years young people are engaged and interested in the political process, and a visit by a presidential candidate would be huge for them! I don't have a kid in this school system, but I'm half-tempted to write a letter to this guy. Shame on him! A couple of cool things, though. 300 students at the high school where she WAS supposed to speak got together and signed a petition demanding that the superintendent explain to them why he denied her visit. Good for them! Also, our "sister city," right next to us, has approved a visit, so she will be speaking here after all.

Okay, I didn't send the superintendent an email, but tonight's Question of the Day on our local news was about this topic, so I just fired off my two cents' worth. It seems to me that having a candidate speak is no different than having any speaker at the school, or going on a field trip, or any of those activities that we all did in high school. Way to go, man. Squash their interest, stomp on their enthusiasm, and make sure that you don't teach 'em to be responsible citizens, proud and happy to engage in their civic duty of voting for the best candidate. Sheesh.


jimsulliv3 said...

Wow ! You keep coming up with great pics and I keep stea...,er, borrowing them. Sorry about the "snain" and your "Croci" (?). Spring needs to be sprung...I'm certainly ready.


buckoclown said...

Wow, sitting here, watching the snow, we just had thunder - Criblimey, what is going on? :o)  

I am so sick of the unrealistic perceptions and positions that our "city" of South Bend demonstrates.  They are the little city that can't.  Dispite what our mayor, legislators, and other elected officials do - our wonderful University of Notre Dame carries the load and keeps this place on the map.  

We will find ways to get involved and make a difference as we experience the second halves of our lives, but the short term is very frustrating.

Love the picture :o)

rdautumnsage said...

I'm stealing the club from the Geico cavemen and hitting Mother Nature over the head to get her in gear. This is absolutely ridiculious already....tomorrows forecast is SNOW. No, no, no more snow. We've had the rain here all day today too. My yard looks like a mini lake. Ok I trying to grasp this they won't allow Hillary to speak in a highschool for safety reasons...but it's ok to invite an Iranian dictator to a college and that's not a threat? (Hugs) Indigo

rdautumnsage said...

I'm great for the double induendo's lately (winks). I forgot to tell you the kitten in the picture reminded me, one of the feral strays decided to have her kittens on my front porch. There are 4 tiny little wobbly heads right now. I'm going to let her take care of them for a few weeks, then I'm going to take them away and bottle nurse them.  She trust me to feed her (Haven't discovered how to catch her-have to though she needs to be fixed) but won't let me touch her. I don't want her teaching the kittens to fear me. This way they are used to human handling and ready within a month or more to be re-homed. I've had to do this before. Poor Doc is losing his music room once again to a litter. (Hugs) Indigo

makemarc said...

"Snirt" can only be snow+dirt.
OR the the sound Sheria makes when she reads something funny and sprays whatever's in her nose/mouth all over her keyboard.

luvrte66 said...

Aww, Indy! Give those little ones some loving from me. I bet Mama Kitty will let you take care of her soon, as long as you keep feeding her. Good luck!


luvrte66 said...

Marc wrote, "Snirt can only be snow+dirt.
OR the the sound Sheria makes when she reads something funny and sprays whatever's in her nose/mouth all over her keyboard."

You got it, Marc, and you get the gold star. I'm sure you're thrilled! North Dakota has both wide open fields and rich, black dirt. The winds can be 50+ mph, so when it snows, the winds pick up the dirt from the fields, it mixes with the blowing snow, and voilà: snirt!

Personally, when I get to laughing a little too hard, my sound is more of a snort.


aimer said...

It's a shame that the school system was so shortsighted. The students had an opportunity to be a part of history in the making.  Civics and history classes could have incorporated discussions about government, the campaign process, voting rights etc. into the curriculum.

Great photograph; I love interesting b/w compositions.

I have to confess that I do indeed snirt!--Sheria

queeniemart said...

i really like that pic with the cat. I have some family in N. grandma had a sister who moved there from KY 100 yrs ago or so.
I hope your cold weather leaves has rained here for days and days. I am baffled as to why that man would not let Clinton speak. It is always good when the teens get impassioned about something.
Hugs, lisa

buckoclown said...

Sorry honey, not a snort, more like a SNORT! :o)