Friday, March 28, 2008

Fallout, boy

The school superintendent (the big meany) was quite a topic of conversation at work today. Everyone is pretty disgusted with him, and as one of my coworkers, Mary, pointed out, school superintendent is an elected position, and people aren't going to forget this. I still think I'll write to him. I may not have a kid in the system, but we pay taxes, and this is our community, where many of these kids will live and work. Our school system should be fostering responsibility and engagement with the political process.

Oh, and the high school where she WAS going to be? They allowed students the day off, if they had parental permission, to go see Hillary at the high school where she DID appear. Huh? Ridiculous. And I feel sorry for those kids who lost out on a chance to see a presidential candidate speak at their school. I am outraged. Outraged, I tell you!

Oboy oboy, it's the weekend, and I don't have to work. We don't have anything planned, other than the usual weekend puttering, and watching some NCAA basketball. It's just nice to be able to relax a bit and enjoy our days off together. I also found out today that "Spamalot" will be coming to our local theater--YES! Ken and I had even talked about flying out to Vegas just to see it, but now it's coming to us! I'll have to check the dates and see if tickets are on sale yet. Cool!

Hey, you know yesterday when I was writing about the gloomy day and our "snain?" Guess what we had last evening? Thundersnow! It's been ages since I've seen that. I was making dinner, and there was a big rumble of thunder. Ken and I looked at each other, and I said, "You gotta be freakin' kidding me!" It lasted a while, too, with lightning and thunder, all the while the wet, heavy snow coming down. Weirdness! I had a bit of a struggle getting out of the garage this morning, because the snow was so heavy and slick. But I got going, and had an absolutely lovely day at work. Oh, I'm sorry, that was really sarcastic. Actually, it was crazy busy, but Pat, Mary, and I had a good discussion about politics. It's not just me...we're all abuzz!

Have a great weekend--you'll see me hanging around!


buckoclown said...

Slick, I get it :o)

Not bad getting out of garage for me, I pulled part way into your spot and was able to get a tight turn coming out.

Yea! Weekend Boy and Girl :o))

queeniemart said...

thundersnow!! I love your wording of things....we had like a small hail and then harsh thunder thing going on the other night too...may  have been the night you had your thundersnow. The weather has been just insane this year.
hugs, lisa