Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cajun, anyone?

Since it's so cold here, I was thinking of comfort food. Stew? Soup? What? I'm going to go with some Zatarain's Gumbo, and put sausage in it. To do it up right, I'll make some cornbread. I make it using coarse ground cornmeal--my Mom always used that, and anything else doesn't taste good to me. I make it in my iron skillet that belonged to my Grandma. Somehow that makes it better. :)

I'm off next Tuesday, and since it's Fat Tuesday, I was thinking I might need to do some genuine New Orleans food, from scratch. I'm leaning towards jambalaya. Mmm!

Hey...Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday are on the same day! Coincidence? I don't think so!

Holy moley. I just heard on the news that the high in Grand Forks, North Dakota was 13 below today. I lived there for 5 years, and sometimes I wonder how I managed to survive that kind of weather. Apparently I was younger and more resilient then, but I think I'd just implode if I had to deal with that kind of extreme weather now!


rdautumnsage said...

Spicy food always warms the heart and the soul.....I learned to make cornbread the same way. It's kind of a southern tradition. I've been wanting real gumbo made me okra lately...(Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

Zatarain's isn't the same as making gumbo for real, but on a work night, it'll do nicely!


buckoclown said...

Darn Bugs.  The cornbread mix was buggy (pantry moths).  We are having cresent rolls instead.  <sigh> :o)

luvrte66 said...

One thing about living in the country...the bugs never really go away. :(

It's a trade-off, and I'll take our place, bugs and all. Ha!


lisa41076 said...

Mmmmmmmmmm cajun food sounds good now, Hugs Lisa

mpnaz58 said...

Its so refreshing that you guys actually cook!!  I work with so many people that eat out every. single. day.  These are people with kids, families!  So hard to believe.  Even when we're on vacation, all the restaurant food starts to taste the same.  We cook every day too, eat out on occasion, maybe once a month if that.  Fast way.  Not to say we never have it, but its just not good for you.
xoxo ~Myra

luvrte66 said...

Lisa, the gumbo tasted really good, but it was so spicy to me! That was a good thing, because it seemed to sort of warm me up and clear my sinuses at the same time--HA!

Myra, it never ceases to amaze me at how often so many people go out to eat. We love doing that, too, but rarely (like you). We save so much money by cooking at home--which really isn't all that hard to do--that we have more money for vacations!


nelishianatl said...

You cook just like I do it sounds, from the heart.  I even cook in a cast iron skillet, especially when I make cornbread.  That gumbo sounds great in a crockpot.  There's a j-land friend, I don't know if you know her or read her or not, but her screen name is ndnhunny30.  She lives in Montanna and she told me the other night it was -40 below.  How in the world do humans stand it?  It's been mild here in Georgia, just the way I like it.


queeniemart said...

did your face get chapped easily in that weather? i am obsessed with my skin being chapped this winter. I am in misery with it. I hate Ohio winters and the cold...the coldness is the worst. Plus, like you, i have to drive in it daily and it stresses me to the max.
I have a cast iron skillet and love it. At WM, there is a cast iron dutch oven for $39 that i am going to buy this year.....i have wanted one for so long!
HUGS ,lisa

luvrte66 said...

Hi Nelishia! I don't know whether or not I cook from the heart, but I don't mind doing it--sometimes I really enjoy it! Especially when I can take my time, like on my days off. Thanks for reading and commenting--I'll check out your journal!

Lisa, my face doesn't do TOO bad in the cold, dry weather. I use a moisturizer every morning, a light one in the summer and a heavier one in the winter. I also try to limit how long my skin is exposed in the cold air--if I'm going to be out for a while, I make sure I have a scarf around my face.

You'll love your Dutch oven when you get it! The one I have belonged to Ken's grandmother, so it's extra-special. :)