Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still comin' down

We haven't completely dug out from the previous snowstorm, and it's still snowing. Ken drove the truck this morning and took me to work, because after he did the driveway yesterday, we got a good 4 inches more. He just arranged with his boss to work from home tomorrow, so he'll take me again tomorrow morning. And what's up for this weekend? Rain, with possible flooding. What a lovely start to the year this is turning out to be!

I was listening to NPR today, and it was mostly caucus talk. I'm really interested to see what happens tomorrow. They said the Democrats have a three-way tie going, and the Republicans have a two-way tie. Good luck, my fellow Midwesterners. We're trusting you to choose wisely.

It was tough going back to work today--it always is after a vacation, although this was a brief one. Heck, I have a hard time going back after a weekend!

I haven't done a random topic for a while, so how about this one? "How would you distinguish between hope and wishful thinking?" To me, wishful thinking is irrational hope. It's fun to daydream about winning the lottery, for example, but that is highly unlikely to come true. It would be foolish to plan your future on something so unlikely, and a wise person will plan well for retirement (and a wise couple will work together to do so).

Hope is something that a mentally healthy person should always have. It means merely that you can see better and brighter things ahead, whether in your own life or for the world. Hope means that you have the will to keep going, and to make a change in order to make those better and brighter things happen. If you have no hope of improvement in a situation, why would you make any effort to change things? Hope drives actions, and is necessary for any kind of change.

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Fun topic!


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