Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Friday!

Wait...I have to work the weekend. Drat it all!

Ken worked from home today, but I had to go to work. How depressing to have to leave when he's warm and snug, and the cat is all curled up beside him! I sat in my car for a couple of minutes while it warmed up, my parka hood up and my face sunk down inside the collar. Our thermometer read 2° here, but downtown registered at -6°. We're supposed to have a bit of a warm up in the next few days, and I've entered that mindset where I'm looking forward to 35°. To heck with waterboarding...if you want to deal out some real psychological torture, just have 'em spend a month in winter climes.

Being the optimist that I am, I've found that one really good thing about this weather is that the beer in the garage is always ice cold. Cheers!

Ken worked on the computer all day, but took an hour or so to snow blow the driveway. He also cleaned off the deck, so I was able to get out and fill the bird feeders. We've got downy and hairy woodpeckers and juncos everywhere at the moment. Ken pokes fun at me, but he's a good sport about making sure I can get out on the deck and fill the feeders.

We watched the Republican debate last night...nothing really struck me as exciting or new. I thought McCain held his own, Romney seemed a little more animated, and Giuliani was trying to make some points. I told Ken that I finally realized what Mitt makes me think of...a Ken doll! I really don't think he's a BAD guy, and I think he's a brilliant businessman. I'm just bothered by his pandering to the party conservatives. He did some amazing things with universal health care in Massachusetts, but instead of touting his achievements there, he's downplaying it because it was a bipartisan effort. I think that's something to be proud of, but he's said very little about it. That's a shame, because I think most people would like to see a little more bipartisanship in politics. That's what Obama is basing his bid upon, and that's what McCain has been doing for years. Can't they figure out that most Americans want politicians to work together to make changes, instead of butting heads and not accomplishing anything?

I think Rudy's in trouble. His numbers are down even in New York, although I've gotten the impression that it's not a surprise, because he's not well-liked in New York. The Times endorsement of McCain, and their scathing comments about Rudy, made me say, "Ouch, man."

On a lighter note, I told Jillian today that my new name for her is Rudy Jilliani. Pat heard that and laughed out loud, and Jillian was so startled that she hit her forehead on her microscope. My work there was done!

Finally, ask and ye shall receive. I wrote a note to Dr. Will saying that his videos had gotten a very good response here, and that I hoped he would do more. He put up a new one, and it's very good! He also sent a really nice reply...not only is he smart and funny, he seems like a genuinely decent guy. Wow, if I ever have to go to a therapist, I want to go to Dr. Will!


buckoclown said...

A "Ken" doll! Harumph!!!  Not sure what to make of that.  Ken is stylish, handsome, but maybe a little dull (but he is a doll <LOL>).  I think I will focus on the positive, he is a "doll", just like me :o)

But to be serious, not sure who I like in the elections.  I think either McCain or Romney could do the job, but they are not distinguishing themselves and making a statement.  For the democrats, I could not stomach Hillary, and I like Obama, but he is a little to liberal for me.  

I think the real barometer will be who they pick for their running mates.

On a side note, it was very warm and cozy this morning, and Sheeba stayed curled up until I got up at 0715 hours.

Bucko :o)

luvrte66 said...

Yes, you're a doll, honey. <grin> No offense intended towards you or any other Kens out there. I'm just glad you're not plastic!


deshelestraci said...

We don't have cable so I've only seen one debate.  Makes me crazy.   I keep petitioning for cable...I did think Mitt was a bit concieted.  But he is higher on my list than others.  
It was 11 degrees here this morning.  The dogs were pretty quick getting their business taken care of this morning!
Brrrr.  But just wait, it'll be 60 on Monday.

rdautumnsage said...

I'll be thinking about you while I'm warm in my home and your working this weekend (winks). Hopefully the weekend hours will end up in more pay. You should see me in the morning when I first take Pickles out. I have a genuine Elmer Fudd hat (lined with sheep fleece) , long scarf, Doc's fleece coat (because it's longer and fits over a couple layers of clothes and also somewhat hides the fact I'm still in flannel pj's), pjs, tucked into rubber duck boots. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm certified by now.

At least I'm warm, Pickles does her duty, and I'm inside feeding cats and making coffee before I can escape to the shower.

It sounds like a great group of people you work with. As for politics....honestly it's like something you hear harping at you in the background. I haven't had alot of faith in the line up lately...Perhaps if it seemed like they cared about the people they were representing instead of the popularity high school games, I might find something of interest. Tell Ken every little girl grew up wanting there own Ken doll.
(Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

Traci, feel free to send a few if those 60 degrees our way! I'm amazed that you've had such cold temps where you're at....

Indigo, I would pay cash money to see your Elmer Fudd hat! I've got some of those rubber boots, too, but mine are ladybugs. :) I read your comment about the Ken doll to Ken and he got quite a kick out of it--so did I.

Everybody stay warm this weekend, cuddle up with your loved ones, human and/or critter, and think warm thoughts!


queeniemart said...

Boy, do i like that Dr. Rick came to me ten times last night saying "look, look, there are birds at the feeder'. I thought of you. lol   :)
Woking nights, i am very used to getting up and leaving in the below zero weather and watching my family just sit, all warm and rested, around the TV. Sometimes, it can get depressing! My mom sent me a website that asks you questions and then suits you up with the candidate most like you, if you would like the link,let me know.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Hi Beth, I came by way of Lisa Jo although I did see your journal name in the blog section.  I'm off to get my hair  Anyway, I see in your sidebar that you're a microbiologist.  My 27 year old daughter is pursuing her Ph.d. right now in microbiology.  Just had to say something because I don't see many that often.  Ok, I'm goofy but I'll be back.  Stay warm.  I'm in western Pa., and it's frigid.  Hugs  Chris

luvrte66 said...

Lisa, I used to work evenings, and I'm so happy to be on day shift now. It seemed like when everyone else was ending their day, I was just starting mine! I've seen that web site, but thanks for thinking of me. I've taken it a couple of times, and my results have been different each time!

Chris, thanks for stopping by! I'll check your journal out ASAP. That's remarkable that your daughter is getting her PhD in Micro--not easy to do, and there are not very many of them. Good for her!