Saturday, January 19, 2008

Live! From the deep freeze!

Let's's almost 10:30 AM here, and we're up to a whopping 10.9°! Hey, it's an improvement--when we got up it was 9°. The sun is shining, and it's a very pretty day, but I'm very happy to be warm and cozy inside! I can see that the feeders are low, though, so I'll probably have to venture out and fill them up. I have GOT to install a squirrel baffle on the seed feeder, because I know the little buggers are getting on there when we're at work!

There was an article in the paper today about the latest national polls. Obama is still behind Clinton, but gaining on her, and McCain is the big surprise, leading the polls for the Republicans. It should be interesting to see what happens today with Nevada's caucus and South Carolina's Republican primary. I think Obama could take Nevada, because he got the Culinary workers' union endorsement, and that's huge.

A note about Nevada, by the way. Not the state itself, just its pronunciation. There have been a couple of stories on the news about how to say it correctly. Michelle Obama was the latest to flub it, and her reaction was pretty funny. (I like her--she seems cool.) The correct way to say it is with a short A, as in apple, not with an "ah" sound. Nevadans say that if anyone says "Nevahda," they know they're not from around there. I'm proud to say that I have always pronounced it correctly...however, it's not because of any special insight or knowledge. It's only because around here, we're known for our hard, flat vowels. The best example I can think of is that when I talk about one of my Mom's sisters, I don't say my Ahnt June. I say ANT June. So the proper pronunciation of Nevada comes naturally!

Have you all seen the Tom Cruise video, where he's talking about Scientology? Good gravy. A lot of places have taken it down now, but it's still out there to be found. What a nutball (and not in a fun way). Apparently Scientologists have some kind of direct line to the solution to every mystery and problem known to humankind. My favorite part was about how when driving past a car accident, he feels the obligation to stop because he knows Scientologists are "the only ones who can help." So apparently they have special medical knowledge, too. Maybe I'm weird, but if I'm ever in that situation, I personally would prefer a physician, nurse, or EMT. "I don't want an alternate reality, Tom, I want this steering wheel column OUT of my CHEST!" Criminy.

Y'know, I like to think I'm a fairly tolerant person. I believe the world has room for all types of religions, beliefs, and personalities. I really don't care what someone believes, with one major caveat: don't try to push it on me. You believe the way you want to believe, I'll believe the way I want to believe, and we'll get along just fine. But everything about this particular belief system just screams "NUTJOBS!" to me. The fact that they have "indoctrination" videos should tell you something. I find much of it downright laughable, but they seem to take it very seriously. In fact, I'm probably in danger just by writing this. If I suddenly and mysteriously disappear from these pages, you know who to go after. That's right. Tom Cruise. (Ha HA...he won't dare harm me now!)

More later!


luvrte66 said...

Right you are...I'm not stupid!

:) Beth

buckoclown said...

"I'm probably in danger just by writing this. If I suddenly and mysteriously disappear from these pages, you know who to go after. That's right. Tom Cruise. (Ha HA...he won't dare harm me now!)", is what you wrote.

I find it VVVEEEERRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY! interesting that you included no "tags" :o)

jimsulliv3 said...

Thank you for your input on the pronunciation of Nevada because as Johnny Carson would say, "I did not know that". As a reward, I offer you the proper pronunciation of Las Vegas. It is pronounced Lost Wages and I am an expert on that subject.

You are aslo correct on the correct pronunciation of Ant, however I still need help with pronouncing June. Barack Hussein Obama Rama has an ahnt.


rdautumnsage said...

( Still chuckling after reading the exchange in comment between you and Ken). Your right it is freezing outside. I've been out several times looking for the newest stray who showed up yesterday. I'm absolutely heartbroken, I think she's declawed and an older cat. She has no way to defend herself out there and with the temp dropping into the teens I fear the worst. The poor thing has a pink collar on but it looks like it's been on there for years and she's grown into it around her neck.....Sigh....yeah, I know I can't save them all. Can I at least kick the idiots who threw her away life trash into the next life time?

Thanks for the proper pronunciation of Nevada. I'm constantly working on how I talk and pronouce things. It takes a little bit more work on my end not being able to hear, but it's worthwhile to continue talking eloquently even in my deafness.

Now on the subject of Scientology...Isn't that a fancy word for the newest cult out there? Tell Ken to have a safe trip you never know where the latest screwballs will show up. (winks) (Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

Indigo, if I may ask, whereabouts--in general--are you? Apparently it's cold there, like it is here. Hope you stay warm and cozy tonight! It breaks my heart to hear about your stray cat. When will people learn that cats have the best lives when they are indoors? Key word, people: "domesticated."

Also, way to go on working on pronunciations...there are many hearing folks who don't take the time to learn.

Thanks for the well wishes for Ken's trip--I'll pass them along, but he'll read your comment, also. Can you imagine sitting next to a Scientologist on a plane? <shudder>