Monday, January 7, 2008

Small but mighty, revisited

Again...not me.

Congratulations to Bob Sanders, NFL's defensive MVP of the year. I love that guy! The playoffs have already started, but the Colts had a bye week. We play the Chargers this weekend. Should be a tough game.

Veggies are chopped and ready for fondue. (Remember Fondue Date Night from "Everybody Loves Raymond"? Ha!) I had bought some ham to make black bean soup, but I decided to use it for fondue tonight. Should be yummy dipped in cheese. What doesn't taste good dipped in cheese?

Hey, did I call it, or what? There are tornado watches outside of Chicago, and that front is heading our way.

Good God. We're watching "NBC Nightly News," and they just showed Hillary getting choked up about things. Don't play that card, Hilly...there are plenty who want to ridicule you for being a woman, but don't play into their hands. I'm not a supporter of her, but it's ignorant to condemn her because she's a woman, just as it's ignorant to condemn Obama because he's black. If you don't like her, talk about why you don't care for her policies, not about the fact that she's a woman. That's nothing but misogyny, and it's just hateful and stupid.

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