Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A great band name

While we were in Springfield, I was reading the paper one day and came across a local band that was playing. Their name is Thirst 'n Howl. (Say it out loud.) I was delighted!

Ken is out snowblowing the driveway. He shoveled off the deck for me so I could feed the birds. Well, it's also a lot of snow to leave on the deck. It took me a while to fill all the feeders, so my toes are freezing right now. It's pretty chilly, and it seems to be snowing a bit again. This could get ugly. I bet Ken's a human popsicle by now.

We got busy this morning and took the tree down. I kind of hated to see it go, because I was enjoying the lights, but today was the best day to do it. When Shane was taking care of Sheeba, he said he turned it on, and it was really pretty, even if it IS a fake. Ha! He hasn't had a big tree for a while, because with three cats, he's fairly sure it wouldn't escape unscathed. I'm glad he got to enjoy ours a little bit!

The laundry is going, so we should be all done with our chores by the time the Rose Bowl starts. The Fightin' Illini vs. Southern Cal. Ken's excited! The last time Illinois was in the Rose Bowl was when Ken was still in college, and he got to go to it. He said they had a blast until the game started, and Illinois got creamed. We're hoping for a better outcome today! Ken saw in the TV guide that my alma mater, Ball State, also made it to a bowl--pretty cool! I think it was called the International Bowl or something like that, and they're playing Rutgers. Go Cardinals! More later!

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hadonfield78 said...

That is a cool name for a band....
I love it.