Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Live birds fed, dead bird cookin'

After I cleaned off the steps to the garage (it was only a couple of inches of snow, so no big deal) and got the mail, I put new water in the bird bath and filled a couple of the feeders. It's mighty cold out there, but the birds seem happy, and as Ken would say, "That's all that matters." He says it with complete sincerity, too, not even a hint of sarcasm! :)

Speaking of Hubby, he called earlier and was all finished with his meetings, checked out, and ready to grab some lunch before heading off the the airport. There's a winter storm warning for tonight, so we're hoping that he can get out of Cincinnati before the snow really starts flying. He's supposed to get in around 8:30 PM, and I hope the weather doesn't cause flight problems. I'll be happy to see him!

I've spent the last hour or so getting dinner together. It really wasn't all that complicated, I just took my time. I'm doing Chicken Cacciatore in the crockpot. I've always done it on the stovetop, but I thought this sounded tasty and easy. The recipe I used calls for dredging the chicken in flour and browning it on the stove, and wow, it really started smelling good in here! Whenever I've made CC in the past, I've used my BH&G cookbook, which says to serve it with hot cooked rice or pasta. I've always served it with rice, but most recipes I looked at today called for pasta. Hmm. Decisions, decisions! I kind of like the rice the best...if I'm making Chicken Parmigiana, then I'll use pasta, but I think I'll still make rice with this. Ken will get home too late for dinner, but we'll eat this a couple more nights.

I need to finish up the laundry, then send out a birthday card to Ken's brother Mike, and I think I'll write a note to his Mom. Probably more later!


rdautumnsage said...

I'm sur Ken is going to be happy to finally be home among his own familiar belongings again....And yes to see his wonderful, lovely wife as well (winks). Tell him I said welcome home, his quirky comments were missed. (Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

Thanks, Indigo! He called a little while ago and is in Cincinnati, and we're hoping there will be no problem with his flight home.

It's funny that you say that you miss his quirky comments, because I miss them, too! He'll get a kick out of what you said!

Hugs, Beth

queeniemart said...

i live an hour and a half from Cincy. My DH loves to feed the birds and sit and watch them at the feeder and will say "lisa, look" about 100 times and want me to go stare at a bird eating. All the birds look a like. I got him a bird book but does he look at it? No. Just at the birds!

take care,  lisa

luvrte66 said...

Ha! That's funny, Lisa! Encourage him to try and figure out what kind of bird he's looking at--that's one of the things that I find fun about it, is trying to actually identify the birds. For bird watchers, it's called a Life List, a list of all the birds you've identified. I have 60 on far!