Thursday, January 31, 2008

It Came From Hollywood

So...did you watch the Democratic debate tonight?

I won't get into how I feel about what was said, or how I feel about either of these candidates. What was most striking to me about this debate was the fact that it was held in Hollywood, at the Kodak Theater, home of the Academy Awards. I would have liked to focus more on what was said, but because it came from Hollywood, we were forced to focus on the celebrities in the audience. The endless camera shots of various Hollywood luminaries was enough to make me giddy with delight, almost to the point of nausea, and it made me realize how little I know compared to each and every one of these extremely intelligent people. Those of us who live our lives in anonymity, go to work each day, and earn a modest living cannot begin to understand the complexities of this election, and we are unable to make a decision without the guidance of our most learned and omnipotent celebrity faction. Thank God for them, each and every one. I don't know how I would manage to live my life without their wisdom.



deshelestraci said...

Oh the sarcasm!  
We don't have cable so I missed the fun.

lisa41076 said...

Beth, darn missed it, Hugs Lisa

shrbrisc said...

I saw it an only time will tell what will happen, hopefully we will know something by tuesday as for your last journal entry I honestly thank we are passed that , I am so ready to for this to be over I am tired of the debates and the stress it causes ... the bottom line is the president can only do what congress allows and since our governor has resigned I am more worried about who will take his place at this time ugh.

rdautumnsage said...

I was amused when they made such a big deal about Oprah backing Obama....Sadly so many people do follow blindly....

Me? Thankfully I have half a brain and if you seriously asked me who was someone in Hollywood, I'd probably name James Dean, Sammy Davis Jr....all the old names they're the only ones I hold respect for....They stood for something in those days.'s just sad....(Hugs) Indigo

queeniemart said...

i didn't watch it but sounds like i missed a hell of a party, LOL. NOT!
Unless George Clooney got up on the podium, naked, and began to recite the Declaration of Independance, from memory, well, then there was no use for ONE celebrity to be shown.


HUGS, lisa

luvrte66 said...

Traci, I have, on occasion, been known to be a tad sarcastic. :)

No naked George Clooney, sorry! But did you see that he's been named a UN peace ambassador? I think HE should run for president.