Monday, January 14, 2008

A quiet day at home

I had an email from Ken at work this morning, and he said the roads were awful. A guy next to him slid into the car in front. We had at most an inch of snow, but it must have been enough to make the roads nice and slick. I hope they get them cleared off by the time he heads home!

I'm enjoying my day off and getting my chores done. I took out all the recycling--five loads of it...that's my exercise for the day!--and got all the feeders filled. Now I'm warming up. It's not all that cold outside, but the wind is quite nippy. Also got the laundry done early this morning, then got caught up on correspondence. So I have most of the afternoon to just have fun!

We had an interesting dinner last night--fairly healthy, but definitely fun. We used my new chocolate melter and had fruit dipped in chocolate--that was it! Strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and pears. It was quite good and surprisingly filling. Tonight I'm going to make a pot roast using an arm roast from our side o' beef, with potatoes and onions (and carrots, if they're still good). I was thinking about using the crockpot, but decided to use my cast iron Dutch oven instead. It was Ken's grandma's, and Ken's mom gave it to me a few years ago. We still laugh about watching airport security going through the suitcase with the Dutch oven in it. With a large metal object showing up on the X-ray, naturally they wanted to investigate. Ken's mom had also given him some little clay things he had made in grade school, and Ken had put all of those inside the Dutch oven. So the security guy pulls out the Dutch oven--odd enough in itself--then starts unwrapping all this "interesting" sculpture. I really can't begin to imagine what he thought!

Oh, while we were eating our fruit last night, we watched a new show on Fox, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Wow, thumbs up, no doubt about it! We both liked it quite a bit, and it's on again tonight. If you like the Terminator movies (and we do), this is a pretty good television adaptation.

This morning, my supervisor (knowing how much I love penguins) sent me this picture. It made me laugh!



deshelestraci said...

Enough food entries!!!!!!!  I'm starving over here!  LOL

luvrte66 said...

HA! I am, too--that must be why I'm writing about it so much. You should hear us at work...we'll get to talking about food, and an hour later, we're all famished. :)


rdautumnsage said...

Doc and I both watched that show last night as well. Doc thought it was a little too fast paced and didn't explain enough. I loved it and plan on watching it again tonight. Anything with a strong female character usually gets my vote. The fruit and chocolate sounded absolutely divine. (Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

Indigo, do you think that someone would have to have seen the movies in order to enjoy the show? Maybe so. I thought the woman who played Sarah did a great job, despite some who said that no one could be as good as Linda Hamilton in the role. "They" also said Daniel Craig would be a terrible Bond. <grin>