Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've discovered something

I was talking to my friend Aubrey at work today, and she said that she was trying to get caught up on my blog...but realized she was still on ONE DAY of entries! (That would be yesterday.) I am always willing to learn more about myself, and apparently for me, it's a simple equation:


In other words, the amount of free time I have is equally proportional to the quantity and size of entries.

Keeping that in mind, my next day off isn't until Monday, so y'all can catch a break. While I'm at it, though, I'll give you fair warning: I have four days off for Super Bowl weekend. Run for your lives!

Well, the roads were crummy this morning. Not here at Nutwood--I got out of the garage and out of the driveway with no problems, and our rural roads were actually in pretty good shape. I didn't run into problems until I got downtown. Wouldn't you think they'd do their best to clear downtown streets? I'd have thought so, too, but that was not the case. I made it to work safely, but at one point I thought I was going into a spin. My mad drivin' skills took over, and I got Slick back in control. It is amazing to me that instinct takes over like that...I can sense the back end wanting to come around, and I don't even have to think "Which way should I turn the wheel?!" I just do it. I hope no one else had such misadventures this morning! Ken took the truck, and he just got home. He said he had no problems.

It was rather busy today--we're once again getting work from one of the local hospitals, and there's plenty of it--but for some reason, we were all in crazy moods. We had quite a bit of fun and lots of laughs. That makes for a much more pleasant day! Maybe it was because we were all on a sugar high, thanks to Aubrey's rice krispie treats with chocolate on the top...they were yummy! She brought them in for Jillian's birthday. Happy Birthday, Jillian, to you and your messed up neck! (Skiing wipeout. She should be okay.)

Hey, I just heard that Kucinich has dropped out. He will not be endorsing any of his opponents. Does he think any of them would want him to? Just wondering. I think we'll watch an episode of "The Sopranos," then watch the Republican debate. We thought about watching "Celebrity Apprentice," but I told Ken I was feeling a tad "politicky."

How about another video from Dr. Will? Sounds good to me! I hope he does more, because I like putting them up here. He just tickles me.

I'm happy I'm not married to a Darren, although I suppose there are some that would call me a witch. ;) I never did understand why Darren was such a jerk about not wanting Sam to use her powers. Dr. Will cleared it up--Darren was the stupidest man in America!


deshelestraci said...

Dr. Will is hilarious!!!!!  That's for sure.  He does have a point though.
Extreme verbosity is right!!!  I'm sorry I haven't commented much but I really would be on the 'puter all day if I read everything!

rdautumnsage said...

First off any man that doesn't realize his wife is Bewitching already has a strike against him in his marriage. Second nothing wrong very extreme verbosity...I'll just hang on for the ride. Doc and I used to watch the Soprano's re-runs for a while. Then we got a bee in our bonnets and went and rented entire seasons to watch. To day we have seen every single one ever made except for the last year. (Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

Traci, I think you see why I just love Dr. Will! He cracks me up! But he always makes a very good point, too. He's got something like 4 graduate degrees, so he knows his stuff.

You're right about my verbosity! LOL Never apologize for not commenting--I always enjoy your comments, no matter what!

Indigo...a fellow Sopranos fan! We have all the DVD's, and we're currently on Season 3. Ken was the one who got me into them, and I was sucked into Tony's world quicker than you can say "Bada-bing." One of the best shows ever, no doubt about it. Speaking of psychologists (such as Dr. Will), "The Sopranos" is so complex and has so many layers, I believe we'll enjoy watching our DVD's for many years to come.

Hugs! Beth

buckoclown said...

Excellent Dr. Will video say I, mere mortal, Bucko :o)

Some mortals are not as dumb as Darren, I was witched, but escaped.  Now, I am happy to say I am bewitched with my bride.

queeniemart said...

ok, first, Dr. Will? I LIKE THAT VOICE.....nice voice! Nice looking dude too. lol
I like it when you update so write away and dont' stop!
so glad you are ok now with that weather was the pits! But i survived.
take care!


lisa41076 said...

Beth, Lisa Jo sent me over, you have an interesting journal, I'll be back, Hugs Lisa

luvrte66 said...

Aww, Bucko, you're sweet. :) Lisa, glad you're surviving the weather! Just think, we're almost done with January, so just two more months--at the most--of winter to go! I'm glad you like the Dr. Will videos--isn't he the best? I think he has really good things to say, too. Lisa2, I'm glad you stopped by! Hope to see you here again!