Thursday, Miami, Florida

Here I am chastising the world for its cynicism and wise and learned reader Beth reminds me that there are indeed some decent and good people out there. She reports that her husband gave her Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy’s remarkable book for Christmas.

And of course she is right. Amidst the creeps, fools and users there are many more individuals of solid and admirable character. How come I don’t focus more on them? Well…

I hereby resolve to do two things:

First, to use the word “now” instead of the archaic “hereby;”

And second, to put more emphasis on the positive and the upbeat, along with the coverage of the bad, the irritating and the revolting.


Let’s turn an admiring eye toward the Hilton Hotel family. In this case we learn that the patriarch, Barron Hilton has decided to leave virtually all of his inheritance to charity, instead of the kids! The two billion dollars of his worth will not be going to Paris and Nicky, but rather to fund relief for Africa and other urgent causes.



Awesome! That was in response to a comment I left on his website. Thanks, Dr. Will!

Not only was it a nice thing for him to write (although I think "wise" is really pushin' it!), it really is true. It's so easy to get caught up in what is wrong with things, whether it be our personal lives, our jobs, people we deal with, or the world in general. It can be very discouraging. Sometimes it's really hard to find good things, but I try. I'm glad my comment made Dr. Will resolve to focus more on the positive, and it makes me resolve to continue to do the same. I will also stop using "hereby." Ha ha!

Of course, there will always be an endless supply of losers, and I'm sure commentary will occasionally be required!