Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beatnik Beach--it's really neat!

What a blast to watch Peter Garrett Phil Dalhausser--he rocks!--and Todd Rogers win the gold in beach volleyball tonight!
We were a little worried going into the third set, but Dalhausser came up big and they smoked the Brazil team.
I'm not sure why, but I told Ken that other than watching Michael Phelps make history, beach volleyball has been just about my favorite thing to watch in these Olympics. To me, it seems like the "party game" of the summer Olympics, with loud music playing, the crowd totally into it, and then there's the whole sun and sand aspect that makes you think of fun in the sun!
All that's missing is a fire pit, roasting weenies, and a little shindig on the beach, with all the cool cats and kitties havin' a kicky blast while they bend the gig outta shape!
Ken and I got a kick out of driving along Malibu Beach and seeing the dozens of volleyball nets on the beach. I guess I didn't realize this, but southern California was the birthplace of beach volleyball.
Hey! I think it's time to revisit Los Straitjackets, surf music band extraordinaire! Turn it up, enjoy the guitar whammy, do the Pony, and throw a little Watusi in there while you're at it!


nightmaremom said...

ohhhhhhh that match last night was awesome.  I could watch the professor all day and all night.  LOL  Ohhhh I mean beach volleyball

valphish said...

I agree.  I absolutely loved watching the men and women win gold.  I enjoy the beach volleyball more than the regular volleyball, too.  I think it is the ambiance as well.  I have never played the sport, but I can imagine it must be very difficult to play any sport on sand.  Have a good weekend, Beth!  Hugs, Val xox

markonit said...

... my Olympic sport was the rowing ... when you are watching the creme de la creme compete at anything, you can't help but watch in fascination ...

... fell in love with Kimberly Glass of the indoor volley ballers ... do think that the skimpy women beachwear is EXTEMELY sexists ... may as well call it 'girls volleyball' as they are dress not unlike the 'girls, girls, girls' silouhettes on the 'gentleman's club signs ...

queeniemart said...

Pretty cool video and music...i had never heard of that band but what in the world would cause those dudes to come up with wearing those face masks?