Monday, August 4, 2008

On the road again

Another fun day yesterday. More hot and humid weather, and it felt great to take a dip in the pool. Ken got himself into another pool volleyball game with Glen, Kristi, and Dillon, while I played line judge and official ball fetcher. The "old guys" won 2 out of 3, but it was hard-fought.
Today, Ros is off to teach, Kristi and Dillon are off to summer school (getting a jump on the coming school year so they can take more advanced classes), and Aunt Bea is off to volunteer. Ken and I will be off to central California this morning, to spend a few days with Kimberley and Steve. The weather is completely different there, so it should be a nice break. We're planning on putting the top down on the rental for the drive.
I had an email from Cousin Shane, then got the email of our local paper's headlines, and Senator Obama is going to be in Elkhart, Indiana (that's the town just east of our small city) on Wednesday. I asked Shane if he was going to go, and he said no, since he has to work, but his friend is going try. Obama and his campaign staff seem to believe that Indiana is in play for the general election, and a visit to a traditionally Republican-voting state seems to bear that out. It's also fueling further speculation that one of our senators, Evan Bayh, could be Obama's running mate pick. In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi has said that she hopes his pick for running mate will be some congressman from Texas, a guy I've never seen or heard of. Why is she sticking HER nose in this, and what business is it of hers? She can keep her two cents.
Enjoy your day!


buckoclown said...

I'll try not to look at the scenery too much today :o)  Eyes on the road!

shrbrisc said...

have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation , I am sure that he will pick someone we can all get behind or at least I hope he does..

indigosunmoon said...

I wouldn't worry about ole Nancy. I dont think Barack is going to listen to anything she has to say anyway.  I think he already knows who his choice is going to be.
You sound like your having a good time!  Wish I was in Cali right about now...

eml625 said...

Have a safe trip !
I would love a ride in a convertible anywhere in California ! ENjoy !