Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sibling rivalry and apple pie

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures for you in this entry! Between the intense heat, a dip in the pool, a beverage or two, a steak dinner, and a lively discussion with some college-age youngsters, I'm just about wiped! I think I have just enough energy in me to have a piece of apple pie while we watch some Olympics, then I'll be hitting the hay!
We took a route we hadn't taken before, up from San Diego to Yucaipa. It took us through places like Temecula, Sun City, and Riverside. It was quite dry and really freakin' HOT! All the leaves were brown, and the skies were gray....errr, wait. That's not right. That's a song. The hills were brown, but the skies were a bright blue with an unrelenting sun shining down upon us. We had our sunscreen on, so there was no sunburn for us today, but WOW, it was hot! It felt so good to hop in Ros's pool this afternoon!
Unfortunately, Glen is in Reno visiting his son, and he took Dillon and Kristi with him. I'm sorry we didn't get to see them all again, but we'll look forward to next time! Ros invited her friend and her family over, and it made for an interesting time. Their sons are something like 18 and 20, and the older one goes to a local community college, while the younger will be returning to New York University for his sophomore year. The dynamics between the two were quite an education, and Ken finally gave them a little piece of advice when it comes to siblings--you may not always agree, but never forget that the other guy is the only brother you have. Ros told Ken later that their mother wanted to thank Ken for saying that, because apparently she gets to hear a lot of bickering!
As for the "lively discussion," I think we all enjoyed the conversation, but oh, how I remember being in high school and college and thinking I had all the answers! I've been there, as have we all, so we tried not to be overly harsh, and as I told them as they were leaving, PLEASE stay engaged and interested in what is going on! While there is much to be said for youthful enthusiasm, I think there's probably a little more to be said for 4-5 years of college and 25+ years of experience and gathering knowledge. I still cringe when I think of trying to have a serious discussion about religion when I was in high school, and my brother-in-law pointed out that I mispronounced "Catholicism." At the time, I was quite embarrassed, and none too pleased that he pointed it out in front of everyone, but I chalk it up now to a learning process.
These were a couple of very nice and intelligent young men, and Ken and I hope that they will retain a couple of things from tonight's conversation...things to ponder.
We're outta here early tomorrow morning, so I'll catch ya late Monday night. Send us good vibes for a safe flight tomorrow! you hear that? eat me...
I think my apple pie is calling! Never fear, little feller, I'm on my way!


queeniemart said...

i was watching a show from Travel Channel about the best 10 places in America to Pig Out and one of the places, # 7, used to be on Route 66 and they had to move because of no business. I thought of you. Be safe coming home....glad you had a good night.

mpnaz58 said...

Hopefully, one day, those young men will look back and ponder the words Ken so bravely spoke.  I'm sure he was unable to take it any longer...sibling rivalry is one thing, but it can turn ugly in a hearbeat if not kept in check.  Glad your CA trip was fun, albeit, HOT!!  Have a safe trip home!
xoxo ~Myra

chat2missie said...

Now you just made me want to finish off the last piece of Peach Cheesecake in the fridge! LOL

mereel2005 said...

Funny, my mum would say the same thing to my sister and I :)

krmprm said...

Good advice for the two brothers.  I enjoy my two
grandsons individuality and conflicting opinions, but
I have to draw the line with their bickering.  guess
it is natural, but annoys me.  Brotherly Love.   Well,
you are on the way home by now.  Glad you had
such a great trip, but welcome back!   Pat

frankandmary said...

I think Ken was spot on giving them that advice. I know they are young, but I also know adults that still do this.  I helped a cousin once financially& his brother(a man in his 50s) said:  I always tell him he should have(all the things the brother should have done), but he never listens & the problem with him is..........
Ugh, he's your brother. And EVERYONE makes mistakes. ~Mary

buckoclown said...

The pie was great, and we got to see the 400 meter relay gold medal.  Awesome!

You forgot to mention that the old man beat the youngsters in Water Volleyball :o)

helmswondermom said...

I really enjoyed this entry.  You just don't know how often lately I've listened to our newly graduated, almost 19-year-old son and/or his friends propounding much wisdom and knowledge and chuckled silently to myself.  They have no idea how they sound, but I know they'll learn!  Someday they'll be able to chuckle at some other young know-it-alls.

jmoqueen said...

lol @ your apple pie calling you ;)  Glad you had a good time and that was good of Ken to instill some advice :o)