Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Got my mojo workin'

When we were staying with Cousin Ros, Ken and I were quite surprised to find out that they don't have curbside recycling in their community. They take their plastics in to be recycled, but there are no curbside pickups for plastic, glass, or paper.
We don't live within the city limits of our town, but even out here in the country, we have county pickup for recyclables. A couple of years ago, we got really serious about it, and we have so little garbage now, it's almost silly to pay for weekly pickup! I'd say we have maybe a half a kitchen bag per week, and sometimes less than that. I haven't been conscientious about taking stuff out to compost this summer (I need to get filters for the compost crock that sits in the kitchen), but I have a bag of corn husks to take out tomorrow.
We put out all cans, glass, newspapers and catalogs, cardboard, and plastic for recycling. The paper that we generate from Ken's work, or from junk mail and all envelopes from bills and other mail, goes with Ken to work every week or so and gets shredded and recycled. If you put your mind to it and think about how many things can be recycled, it's amazing how much you can reduce your garbage.
I encourage everyone to contact their county government and urge them to adopt a curbside recycling program. I was honestly surprised to see that enviro-friendly California (well, it's enviro-friendly in some ways) doesn't do more to ensure that things are recycled. And speaking of enviro-friendly, my pal LJ recently wrote in her journal about the insulated bag she bought at her job. She wrote that it keeps things cold for 6 or so hours--amazing! AND, it's reducing the use of plastic bags. Good job, LJ!
I'm actually starting to get low on plastic bags for litterbox cleaning. I would love to find an alternative to plastic bags. Does anyone have any ideas? I could probably get a package of paper bags, the ones you use for lunches, and that would be better. Or could I scoop it into a plastic bowl and pitch the contents out in the woods (and reuse the bowl)? Would that hurt anything? Hmm, I might have to do a little research and see what I can find out. I want to get serious about no more plastic bags, at least as much as possible. I applaud San Fransisco for banning plastic bags in stores. I think that is going to be the direction we all go in before too long.
It's a little after 1 AM, and I'm actually starting to feel tired. I stayed up until after 9 AM this morning! Urgh! I slept for about 4 hours, but I got nothing accomplished today other than a nice conversation with my Mom. This evening, I was starting to feel a little more gumption, and I told Ken that I think I'm snapping out of it. I'm getting my mojo back, baby! I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow (I love our dentist--I actually went to high school with him--and I just might have to write an ode to him tomorrow!), then I'll run to the store, then I'll throw in a load of laundry. Actually, as I think about it, I'll throw in a load tomorrow morning before I go to the dentist. Then I can pitch it in the dryer when I get back.
I'm sorry. I was thinking out loud. I need to calm my racing brain, so I can drift off to blissful slumber. It's sounding pretty darn good right now. All-nighters were pretty fun in college and in my younger, wilder days, but now they just make me feel weird and crummy. And they're vaguely hallucinogenic.
Speaking of altered states of mind, be sure to check out The Wildcat's Lair and read about the return of Uncle Kerouac. That's one crazy cat, man!


amy122389 said...

Once you figure out what to do with the cat litter, let me know.  

We've had curbside service here in San Antonio for a long time, but in Florida?  Pfft.  Nada.  (We also just got really big recycling bins.  I was so excited!!)


easteeleco said...

I think America as a whole is pretty Lacksidaisical about recycling.  I always become especially aware of this after living in Germany (where they recycle and compost just about everything!)  Most military posts have some sort of curbside recycling for the residents, so we recycle.  Estela

eml625 said...

I hate the plasstic bags we get from the store. So LJ's idea was a great one.
We recycle but we don't have a compost. We should !!
Thanks for lending an ear last night.

chat2missie said...

I'm very big on recycling.  I try to recycle as much as I can.  

queeniemart said...

wow, i got a nice shout out! Woo Hoo. I am grinning. Now i can not find anymore of those $1.50 totes at work after a few family members asked me for one. Phooey. I use mine daily. Our city went bonkers and wrote into the paper yelling that why should anyone recycle when they will seperate glass and paper from the trash and then Waste Management (the most used and most expensive) hauler here comes along and just throws it all together. So, WM wrote an article saying that they recycle it AFTER it gets to the landfill. Due to gas prices they dump it and men go thru your trash and put the glass and other recyclables in different piles. I ALMOST think this is a lie. I watch a lot of National Geographic TV and other different recycling shows because it is an interest of mine and it is hard to believe they have the time, man power and space to stop each truck daily and move stuff around. You pay extra here too for a recycling box....which get stolen constantly. I think it is AWESOME how much you and Ken recycle.

dbdacoba said...

My theory is to recycle some of that paper into paper bags.  I have strongly disliked (hated, for the less sensitive) plastic bags, and plastic other things, and plastic in general since it first started blowing in the wind.

Keep the mojo up and running.  The dentist may need it.

jmoqueen said...

Glad to hear your getting your mojo back xx  We recycle the council make a big deal about it but sometimes I think people aren't listening!!  Still it's not really our own countries that need to make a change so much is it.............