Sunday, August 3, 2008

Route 66 is alive and well!

This is Bernie, the mascot of the Dodgers' single A farm team, the Inland Empire 66-ers! They're based in San Bernardino, and while I don't really know what Bernie is, he gets his name from San "Bernie" dino.
I just thought it was kind of cool that Route 66 is still a presence here, although the original roadway is mostly gone in California. The 66-ers logo is a Route 66 shield! I also noticed, while reading the paper today that Route 66 was mentioned in an article about a community of homes, right on historic Route 66.
This afternoon, Dillon (that is the correct spelling) has been working on one of Ros's computers, and things got a little wonky with the wireless. Dillon, Ken, and I have been trying to get everything up and running (only minor assistance from me), and Ken just brought the laptop out here to me on the patio and asked me to try it out. It all looks good! Actually better, since before I had to be hardwired and couldn't use the wireless.
Wow, looks like we're up to 96 out here. Ouch!


aimer said...

Of course, I am totally flummoxed because I don't know what Bernie is either except probably really hot in that outfit!--Sheria

specialadyfink said...

With that 'do'  Bernie ought to be called Bernice,LOL

shrbrisc said...

I love that pool and I took that picture and saved it for hubby so he knows whats in store for him next spring lol ours needs desperate work ... I am so happy you are enjoying  your vacation ..

eml625 said...

Man, it's hot there !!!
Right now, I'm sitting by an open window with a breeze, it's a cool 77 degrees !
Onto your next entry I'm still behind.