Sunday, August 3, 2008

Poolside fun

We had a great afternoon and evening yesterday!
It was a family cookout, and Ros and Glen made shish-ka-bobs (beef, chicken, salmon, and veggies) with plenty of sides. They were delicious, although I don't think Bob appreciated being shish-ka'd! Hi Bob! <sip>
This is Ros's pool--doesn't it look like an oasis? It was so blazing hot yesterday--the thermometer read 98 at its highest--and Ken, Glen, and the kids had a pool volleyball competition. It was a lot of fun visiting with everyone. You can read the full account and see more pictures in Ken's entry from today.
What a fun time! I hope your evening was as pleasant!


aimer said...

Love the reference to Bob and the sip! What an inviting looking pool; it's beautifully landscaped. It looks like a natural water formation, like a pond.--Sheria

chat2missie said...

I'm in love with that pool!

frankandmary said...

I just mentally dived into that superb looking pool twice. ~Mary

eml625 said...

I was right behind Mary diving in the pool !!!
Sorry i'm behind on your entries, alerts have been down.
Keep on having fun,

helmswondermom said...

Wow!  That is GORGEOUS!!

helmswondermom said...

P.S.  Will Ken share Ros with us?