Saturday, August 9, 2008

The marina, a faux bird, and a face

This is Shelter Island Marina, and it's what you see right outside our hotel room. Isn't it beautiful? I'll put more marina pictures in my public album after we get home, but I just wanted to give you and idea of how many boats are out there. This is only a small portion. There are some whoppers, too, and there are plenty of places around here selling yachts. Just out of curiosity, we stopped to see the price on some of them, and they range from around a quarter of a million dollars to almost two million dollars. Yikes!
Guess I won't be asking for one of those for my birthday.
Ken and I are meeting his brother Mike and Mike's son Adam for a late lunch this afternoon--whoops, in fact, we need to leave pretty soon!--but we had time to walk around town a little bit today. We were surprised that there weren't more little touristy, gifty-type shops. There are plenty of yacht sellers, yacht repair, yacht builders, etc., etc., but a surprising dearth of gift shops.
I did manage to find a book store, though. <sigh> I think I could have spent all day in there! Books from floor to ceiling, stacked in piles in front of the bookcases, jam-packed into this small store. It was SO COOL. I need to find one like this back home. I got 5 books for $2, including a Nancy Drew book. I also found a two-volume set on Greek mythology for $15, and I must know my book value, because when I checked out, the guy said, "Ahhh, you found this set! That's a good one!" I wasn't planning on getting it at first, but Ken twisted my pinky and said, "You aren't going to find a deal like that very often." I didn't want to haul back a bunch of books, but I couldn't really pass these up!
As we were walking to dinner last night, I came across this Bird of Paradise. We can't grow them in our climate, and they've always fascinated me. They're so exotic-looking! The landscaping and all the flowers are just beautiful. Tons of bougainvillea (I can't believe it, but I spelled that right the first time!) and impatiens and hibiscus, and plenty of others I can't name. It's all lovely.
When we were walking back from dinner last night, we both saw this at the same time. It's a palm tree, but doesn't it look like a face?! You can see it better without the flash. It looks like he is in considerable pain. Perhaps he needs water.
Okay, time to hit the road. I'm starved! Tonight we'll just be packing our suitcases while we watch the Olympics. We'll probably grab just an appetizer or something at the hotel restaurant, since we're eating a late lunch.
Hard to believe our vacation is almost over. It's gone by so quickly!


madcobug said...

Those are some high priced boats. That flower is beautiful. That is some tree huh? Have a safe trip home. Helen

tsalagiman1 said...

That's a beautiful place and the weather there looks great!  For the prices of those yachts, they ought to get up and bow down to you before breakfast every day!  That flower is gorgeous.  My wife sees things like that tree all the time - faces, animals, what ever.  That tree looks just like a face.  You don't have to imagine anything.  Great photography capturing it!


lurkynat said...

dear Beth,
ah! so you're a book worm like me! It does look beautiful there!
Did you go see any fishermen on the wharf?

helmswondermom said...

By this time, I don't even want your vacation to be over!  I was enjoying it too!!  I LOVE that tree.  It actually looks like a painting of a face of someone in a lot of pain.  Glad you got that pic.  I am drooling for your bookstore deals.  Just the description of the bookstore made me drool!

eml625 said...

No ! Don't leave yet ! LOL I am loving this tour.
That tree is so cool.
I think's it's lj that like Nany Drew books.

jmoqueen said...

Wow sounds like you had a great deal on those books xx  A perfect place lol.  Any famous people's yachts out there?


queeniemart said...

that tree looks like it is straining to take a big poop.

as for that paragraph about the bird of paradise, i could not pronounce NOR correctly spell those words, lol.
Whoever owned that bookstore was a true booklover and i am glad you found that place to find new treasured books.