Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's so obvious

I just got an email from one of my former coworkers. She had read my Psychic Vampires entry, and she sent me a 3-word email:
The asterisks represent the name of the former coworker who was the Psychic Vampire. I knew everyone would know exactly who I meant! I laughed out loud when I read her email.
I think I'm up to 85% health level now. I washed some dishes, folded some towels, blah de blah blah. It felt good to start getting some energy back. I have to make sure I have enough energy for Senator Clinton's speech tonight. I think she's really going to come through and state very strongly why her supporters should back Senator Obama. I also think it's appalling that the McCain campaign is using HER and her words in their ads. She made it very clear that she did not approve of that.
Ken and I are also getting a little irritated at the constant phone calls and pleas for donations from the GOP. Ken said he gets an email every single day, we get mailings at least every other day, and in the past couple of days, we've gotten 3 phone calls. I know they have the right to do that, but jeez, let up already! I also think the constant mailings are a waste of money and resources, and we also get mad about the constant mailings we get from environmental and animal groups. We contribute already, so stop asking! And stop killing trees.


gen0507 said...

LOL about the Psychic Vampire


frankandmary said...

I had this problem with charities that I like & contribute to regularly.  I wrote a note to each saying I will no longer contribute to anyone that sends me more than quarterly notes.  Everyone said they'd just throw those out & not pay attention. Only one continued to send constant mailings(I stopped contributing to it), the others have only each mailed me once since then. ~Mary

cvgflydis said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better~I definitely think pizza rolls should be on the menu! (Ahem, I eat those too...but not the HPockets)



lisawesmalayna said...

I don't like what McCains is doing with his ads either. I hope you feel better and hope your recovery is swift. I've always said "Save the trees and recycle your toilet paper" Ha ha!

Blessed be,


mpnaz58 said...

We've started getting those calls too...early, late...and it'll only get worse until the election, even the day of.  But they day after...POOF, nothing!  
xoxo ~Myra

queeniemart said...

I saw a bit of Clinton last night and man, oh man, IF ONLY she was the U.S.'s nominee. She was DAMN DAMN good. IMO.

i have not been asked for a dime yet....from anyone which is good because none of them would get that dime.
I hope you are 100% today.

itsallrelatv said...

Hey Beth:
So sorry to hear you had a "bug". At least it wasn't from an overdose of eggplant parmy. I hope you're back up to 100% ASAP!

I can so relate to the psychic vampire story! I wonder if your previous co-worker would recognize herself. PVs can suck the life right out of you if you're not careful. They are closely related to the Toxic Temperament- those whom spread their bad attitude viruses at will (and with a certain amount of glee perhaps).

While not a PV or TT, I do have one rather "needy" staffer at the moment. Fortunately, her symptoms seem to come in clusters rather than presenting as a chronic condition.  

Looking forward to a quiet weekend after a couple of hectic weeks with school back in session.

Take care.



eml625 said...

I'm glad your feeling better!!! I didnt know you were sick untill I read this just now.
I feel bad : (
Take Care