Friday, August 15, 2008

He's super, man!

Congratulations to Michael Phelps for winning his seventh gold medal, tying Mark Spitz's record!
If you missed it, you missed a helluva race. It was neck and neck, but Phelps took an extra half-stroke to surge ahead and win by.... one-hundredths of a second.
That would be 1/100th.
0.01 seconds.
Zero point zero one seconds.
They also talked to Mark Spitz, speaking from Detroit. (I didn't know he lives in Detroit!) Despite what I'd heard about Spitz drinking from the well of bitterness, he was very gracious tonight, and I give him much credit for his decency and sportsmanship. Phelps also handled things well, but NBC didn't seem to know when to end the interview, resulting in several awkward moments. Seems to me that at times like these, once all the glory has been given, cut and run!
But everyone was very cool, very gracious, and downright sportsmanlike: Michael, Mark, Bob Costas, and Skippy.
(Skippy is my name for Bob's toupee.) Hi Bob! <sip> My pal Myra wondered if he's had "work," too. I hadn't thought about that Myra, but you may be right. How old is he now? [checking] Wikipedia says he's 56, so that's not all that old. But most people are starting to get a few more wrinkles by that time than Bob (Hi Bob! <sip>) seems to have. I'm not quite 46, and I've got some major laugh lines around my eyes. Ah well, if I'm going to have lines, I'd like them to be of the laugh variety!
Ken was off to bed by 1 AM, and I won't be far behind. I think we're both looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning!
OH! I wanted to mention that LJ gave me a heads-up and told me that she couldn't watch the video on my entry about the "rain dance." (Thanks for letting me know, LJ!) When I checked my entry, sure enough, it said the video was no longer available. The organization in question had already pulled it from most sources, but they must have hunted down all the copies that were floating around out there in the ether and made them sleep with the fishes.
Hmm...THAT is rather interesting! So I apologize for the phantom video, but it is beyond my control. You probably got the gist of it from my entry.
Here's wishing my pal Ellen a fabulous vacation! Enjoy your time off, and RELAX, hon! And I wish you all a marvelous weekend. Can you believe the summer is already winding down? How much of a bummer is that?


eml625 said...

I havent caught any of this Olymics ! Darn it !!
I am half done packing.
Thanks for the good wishes, I enjoyed our quick chat while driving home.
Take Care and i'll be in touch!

buckoclown said...

Serbia filed a protest right after the finish cause it really did look like he touched first.  The booth did a frame by frame review (1/10,000 th of a second) and Serbia conceeded the victory.  :o)

chat2missie said...

I agree.  Michael Phelps is Superman!  I'm so proud of him!

mereel2005 said...

Mark and I rejoiced when we saw Michael win his eight gold. Way to go. I can only imagine the figure he cuts: he and my Mark are the same height.

queeniemart said...

Meg is all about buff, young dudes so she'd be ALL over Phelps nice hot bod there......Spitz needs to clam up on the bitterness or he is gonna look like an ass to MILLIONS.
How can i see Skippy? I haven't watched any Olympics and i want to make fun of the rug.


jmoqueen said...

He's certainly a very clever person.............but then you think of all the training he's done!!