Sunday, August 24, 2008


Our friend Lee is coming up from Florida in early September for a wedding and wants to get together with us for lunch. We're hoping that he agrees that lunch at Tabor Hill Winery in Michigan will be enjoyable...I'm thinking sautéed duck breast sounds good! Nom nom nom. In the meantime, I got an email from my pal Jimi asking if I wanted to meet him for lunch tomorrow. Done deal, we're meeting at our little Hacienda in our little pueblo at noon! I'm looking forward to seeing my buddy and getting the scoop on the shenanigans at the lab.
Ken and I aren't big fans of opening and closing ceremonies in the Olympics. The spectacle is amazing, but as I watched the smoke blowing across the sky after the fireworks, I had to wonder if we (meaning our global community) shouldn't consider scaling things down a bit. The whole energy consumption thing is disturbing...just a thought.
Now that the Olympics are over, it's time to focus on other sports. Baseball will be going on for a while (Go Cubbies!), and college and pro football is on the way. We're going to have a rematch of the Colts-Bears Super Bowl on September 7th. For those of you new to this journal, or Ken's, I'm a Colts fan and Ken is a Bears fan. Yikes! We both love each other's teams, but not if they're playing against each other. I suspect I'll be breaking out my Peyton Manning jersey, and Ken will be breaking out his Brian Urlacher jersey...stay tuned for a picture!
We're both jonesin' for football...much like these two. I feel your pain, guys!



preciousone25 said...

When I come over, will you guys meet ME at Tabor Hill Winery for sauteed duck breast???  (Oh, and let's NOT forget the wine!)


eml625 said...

Hello there!
Just poppin' in and getting caught up with the happenings at Nutwood.
It might take a while to read back, so bear with me !
have a great day

queeniemart said...

Born and raised Browns fanatic. I have an EX who loves the Bengals. A FIL who worships Michigan and a father who lives and dies for OSU and loves Woody Hayes.
enjoy your lunch today. Whatcha gonna eat?

cvgflydis said...

Having lunch with friends~sounds like a fun time! Hope you guys have great conversation, and good food.....although, I'd have to pass on the duck. LOL


frankandmary said...

I think we could surely scale back on a lot of things. I think I am becoming a little old lady, because I wrote a note to a company about their crackers. The box was covered in a decorative wrap, then inside the box was a white plastic bag, inside that was a tray, with crackers in 2 sep wrapped packages.  Uhm, that is a little more than "locked in freshness," it is a huge waste of resources & time. And contributes greatly to the high price. ~Mary

mpnaz58 said...

College football starts this weekend too...TAILGATE!!  Game weekends until 12/6 will consume much of out time!  We watched part of the closing ceremonies, finally had to go to bed.  In the week that the Olympics were on, did you notice the air looked pretty clean?  Or maybe thats just what the TV showed.  I can't imagine living in such air pollution!  
xoxo ~Myra

helmswondermom said...

Loved that video!  
Sauteed duck???  Can I come???

markonit said...

... wow ... who is doing the duck ..?  If I had reason to try, I would get something like that together ...

... sometimes a little excess should be allowed ... besides there are so many other things other than the ceremonies where the environment is taking a beating ...

... if I can find a friend to ride me, I would like to go to Tabor Hill ...

... enjoy the meal ..!

buckoclown said...

Da Bears :o)

We are also huge Notre Dame fans (go figure), and therefore, we have double reason to root against Purdue and Michigan (I am an Illini graduate :o)