Wednesday, August 20, 2008

'Possum on the prowl

Since Ken got home late last night, we stayed up quite late...and the natural progression would indicate that we slept late! It's still morning for us. Ken is working from home today, and there were some issues with his work computer at first, but everything seems to be working now.
While we were sitting here last night, we heard a sound out on the deck. When I turned on the light, I saw a young 'possum--he looked to be about half-grown--over by the railing. (I didn't take that picture, by the way. I just found a 'possum picture on the web.) He saw me, but instead of running, he actually came over to the window and looked up at me! I leaned down and talked to him a little bit, and he was just kind of hanging out for a while, checking me out. He seemed almost tame! I was reminded of Lori and Eler Beth's little buddy, Clark.
Sheeba came over and seemed very fascinated by the young 'possum, and apparently wanted to play with him. The 'possum didn't seem all that afraid of Sheeba, either, but then there was a screen door between them! Ken provided a voice for the 'possum, who asked Sheeba, "Are you my mom? Hey, you! Mom?"
'Possums get a bad rap. A lot of people think they're ugly, or that they look like big rats. I disagree. I think they're cute little guys, and the one we saw last night seemed to have a lot of personality, and even a little bit of charm! I suppose he was too young to realize that when a human turns on the light, you should run the OTHER way, not towards the human!
So that was a fun wildlife interaction last night. No, I'm not going to start feeding him. If I put a bowl of cat food out on the deck...good God, it would be sheer mayhem out there. Not only would the neighbor's cats be over here, we'd get the Raccoon family, 'possums, and God knows what else. Wildebeest, maybe.



jimsulliv3 said...

I like possums, but you have to be careful with them. Their normally quite docile, but if you corner one, they're feisty and bite. They attack dogs or cats if cornered.


buckoclown said...

Sheeba should have answered, in his best Darth Vader/James Earl Jones voice, "No, I'm Your FATHER."  :o)

mereel2005 said...

I think they are rather a distrance. But then, i'm a City Girl, what do I know? :)

gen0507 said...

I love your wildlife stories.


ziggy2315 said...

I have never seen an opossum. They do look so cute. I know they eat them in some places don't they. You have such an array of wildlife around your home so there is always something to see and something to learn.

blossomcat said...

I think that men define them selves by their occupation.  Women define themselves by occupations only as part of their lives.  They are wives, mothers, etc.  I also think when men retire a lot of them have difficulty adapting to being retired.  Women always have something to do.

When asked say "I am on hiatus..."  That will confuse a lot of them.

luvrte66 said...

"I know they eat them in some places don't they."

Ziggy! Haven't heard from you in a while, and what a nice surprise to see your comment!

I don't know if there are places that eat 'possums...I know we won't be eating any here anytime soon!


preciousone25 said...

I think they're ugly as heck... however, it's probably because I had a bad experience with one before... LOL!!!  It literally would NOT let me in my apt. it would NOT leave my front door.  I've seen several more since then, and they are STILL ugly... LOL!!!  Mice are cute, squirrels are cute, even a raccoon can be cute.... but possums are UGLY!!!


solace223 said...

My personal issues with them arise from growing up with horses.  Oppossums carry quite a few diseases and one of which kills horses so whenever I see one, I wish they'd just as soon find another place to hang around.  Although, my husband was a bit of a city boy and the first time he saw one, he didn't know what it was and came running out of the house with a bat.  haha  It was just a baby and ran under the deck.  When I told him that his monster animal from the depths of hell was just a tiny oppossum, he felt a bit silly.  ;)  

ziggy2315 said...

You may not hear from me much, but I am around reading your entries every day. I thought hillbillies or Granny Clampett made possum stew. I have seen recipes in wild game cookbooks. Now I have read the other comments, I don't think I want to see an opposum. Are they marsupials?

queeniemart said...

Rick said we have a possum living part time in our attic and we can not afford to get rid of it so, sorry, i hate the things and i want it out of my home and off my property.

carouselqueen70 said...

My parents trap ground hogs in thier back yard in a humane trap and then move them to a safer place. One morning there was a possum in the trap. I went down to see her and low and behold she had babies with her. We opened the trap to let her out but she stayed to feed them first. My mom was so grossed out. I thought she was adorable. My mother doesnt like anything that is a rodent. I have a guinea pig and she wont get anywhere near it. lol....hugs, Christine