Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Love Me Dead"

One of the things that was really cool about being in California was all the great radio stations! We didn't take any CD's with us, we don't have a car adapter for our MP3 player, and this rental didn't come with satellite radio, so we were at the mercy of local radio stations. But what fun trying out the different good ones, and there are plenty in California, believe me! I even found a polka station at one point, but based on the look on Ken's face, I didn't linger on that station for long!
We tend to lean towards alternative stations, and we found some great ones out there. In Malibu, I was delighted to find a station that was playing some live Sex Pistols. You won't hear THAT in these parts! I also heard an old Clash song, "Police and Thieves." There was one song that we heard several times that just really struck me, and I made sure to find out the name of the song and the name of the band. Here is "Love Me Dead" by Ludo. Lyrics first, video second. Keep in mind that I was in college in the early 80's, so I was a bit of a punk. It seems that I haven't lost my taste for it! There are a couple of lines in this song that just tickle me to no end: "Fill my soul with vomit, then ask me for a piece of gum," and "You're an office park without any trees." I know this isn't for everyone--again, I was a punk rocker, just like Sheena <grin>, so I know I have different tastes, but I think this song is a lot of fun! I sent the video to Cousin Shane, and I'm curious to see if he's heard it. He keeps up on new music much more than I do these days! Rock on, J-Land!
"Love Me Dead"

Love me cancerously
Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea.
'High-maintenance' means
You're a gluttonous queen
Narcissistic and mean.
Kill me romantically
Fill my soul with vomit
Then ask me for a piece of gum.
Bitter and dumb
You're my sugarplum.
You're awful, I love you!

She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed

Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead! Love me dead!

You're a faith-healer on T.V.
You're an office park without any trees
Corporate and cold
Gushing for gold
Leave me alone.
You suck so passionately
You're a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature
finger-bangin' my heart
You call me up drunk
Does the fun ever start?
You're hideous and sexy!


Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead! Love me dead!


Love me cancerously
How's your new boy?
Does he know about me?
You've got the mark of the beast.
You're born of a jackal! You're beautiful!


Wha' 'bout that sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead!




buckoclown said...

May need to do some more research and get a couple of CD's to go in our new CD cabinet :o)

krmprm said...

Oh, my word!  I knew I shouldn't have let you go
out there to that strange place.  I think you've gone
off the deep end with lyrics like that. Honey, take
an aspirin and go straight to bed.  You'll feel better
tommorrow.       Night night,  Pat

orangedoublezero said...

Hi Beth....

Cousin Shane reporting in.  OMG, it is so weird that you heard that song and liked it, because I had heard that song a while back when I was somewhere I don't recall at the moment.  I committed it to memory, because I remembered saying it frequently, "Ludo, Love Me Dead, Ludo, Love Me Dead."  Between that time and actually coming home, though, I must have forgotten all about it!  As soon as I saw the title of your post, it sounded familiar, and as soon as I saw the band name, I instantly remembered that I liked that song a lot, too!  Once again, our cosmic connection comes through!

Yes, I love all the great radio stations in California.  And all the great weather.  And all the great scenery.  Even though it is very ugly in some places, I have to say that the beauty far outweighs the bad places.  Those places are easy enough to avoid.  As much as I love home here in northern Indiana, I feel so much more alive when I'm out west.  I'm not sure if that has to do with just being on vacation or being in a different place, or perhaps a combination of both.

Love you!

jmoqueen said...

i like it :o)  Rockin' tunes are the best of course lol


lurkynat said...

great music I agree