Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday roundup

We got our errands done fairly quickly today. It was so hot and humid, we didn't want to linger in town! We wanted to stop by Walmart to get a few things, and I asked Ken, "Are you mentally prepared for a Walmart Saturday?" There were SO many people there, and while I always like to look through their $5 movies, I had no stomach for it today, and said, "Let's get outta here!" I just cannot handle crowds like I used to. We picked up a couple of good-sized potatoes to bake tonight (before we left I pulled a sirloin out of the freezer for Ken to grill tonight) and some zucchini for grilling (along with some onions) tomorrow. I'll pull some chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow, and we're all set for weekend dinners!
Ken got the lip-smacking air conditioner fixed! There was nothing wrong with it, it had just gotten bumped, or had settled and moved, enough so that the water was draining inside instead of outside. We only run it at night, so the carpet wasn't too wet, and all is well now. I'm glad I won't have to hear that tonight--it was kind of creepy!
I put up the picture of Shane's cat Boris, and I want to write a little more about her. I don't think she's a purebred, but she definitely has elements of a purebred cat. Shane did a little research, and found that she most resembles what I believe is called a Tiffany cat. The body type of the Tiffany was listed as "neither cobby nor svelte." We cracked up over that phrase, and it entered the Beth and Shane Lexicon. We still sometimes will mention to each other that something or someone is "neither cobby nor svelte," and then we crack up!
Boris is very much her Dad's cat. In her younger days, she would climb up by me on the couch and let me pet her, but she doesn't want to have much to do with anyone other than Shane now. For some odd reason, she loves my Blistex berry lip balm, and it's almost like catnip to her! When I take care of Shane's kitties, I always make sure I load up with Blistex before I go in, so I can let Boris sniff my lips. She'll start acting all crazy, rolling on her back...but if I try to pet her, she'll bat her paw at me. One day she was sniffing my lips, and I tried to pet her on the head...and she reached up and whacked me on the cheek with her paw! I sent Shane an email that said, "Your cat bitch-slapped me today!" Ha ha! I love Boris, and I wish she would let me pet her a little bit, but I understand that she's her own person cat, and like Greta Garbo, vants to be left alone.
Warning: Political Content Ahead! Be very afraid!
Missie mentioned that she's not a fan of Sen. Obama (more about that general subject--not Missie in particular!--in a moment), but she really thought that Obama would have picked Hillary. I had a feeling that just wasn't going to happen. I really think that Sen. Clinton has been quite gracious in her campaigning for Sen. Obama, but from everything I've read, the "chemistry" just wasn't there. I think the Clintons will really work to unite the Democratic party at the convention, with the goal of getting a Democrat in the White House.
As for the choice of Senator Biden, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for Indiana's Senator Bayh. He's got some pretty good financial credentials (during his 8 years as Indiana's governor, he was known as a real tightwad when it came to budget concerns, and he finished his second term with a large state budget surplus), some solid Senate credentials (as a member of 5 Senate committees, including the Armed Services Committee), and is youthful and charismatic. I think he has a bright future ahead of him (I suspect that you just might see President Bayh one day), but he just didn't have much national recognition, and now was not his time.
Sen. Biden has some major "street cred" in Washington, and while Obama's message of change doesn't necessarily fit with someone who has been in Washington for decades, I think he made a good choice in someone who has extensive foreign policy experience. I've come to feel that while Sen. Obama might not have that extensive experience himself, he has the wisdom and intelligence to surround himself with advisers who do. That doesn't apply just to this situation. Even in our own lives, we would do best to surround ourselves with those who give good advice and have the intelligence and common sense to provide solid counsel. If we constantly accept bad advice or listen to people who don't really know what they're talking about, we're the ones who suffer for listening to them. Having the good judgement to choose good advisers counts for a lot, in my book, as well as having enough intelligence to understand issues and to research things well.
Anyhoo, I totally understand his choice. As Obama's running mate, Sen. Biden's role will be as "attack dog," a role he'll play well, but in keeping with Obama's attempt to run a more positive campaign, I think they'll ask him to keep it as low-key as possible.
Back to the "not being a fan" comment. I know we all have our own opinions, and believe me, I respect and value all of yours. I have my own opinions, too, and you all know that I occasionally like to share them. <grin> But I think I'm like most people in wishing that there were a little more civility in the world, and I feel that resorting to calling people names or ridiculing their heritage or age--just a couple of examples!--is not what we need to be focusing on. I'll give you my opinions about things, but you won't see any disrespect to either candidate's name or heritage or age here. Also, relying on forwarded emails, or extreme right- or left-wing news sources or publications for our information is imprudent at best and limited thinking at worst. If you have a knee-jerk reaction to certain issues, or receive an email that says something inflammatory about either candidate, please do some further investigation and find out the truth. As they always said in "The X-Files," the truth is out there...but sometimes we have to do a little digging.
We're all in this together, and we all want what is best for our country. Here are a few sites that might come in handy if you want to explore a bit.
Snopes - one of the best sites ever. Find everything from urban legends to Internet rumors to facts on the candidates at Snopes.
No, I didn't include Ralph Nader or Bob Barr. If you believe either candidate has a chance of winning the presidency, you can find their information by Googling them!


queeniemart said...

Voting Independent for now and then in FOUR years voting the Clinton's back in are my way to go...MAYBE....i pray nightly that McCain doesn't get it but Mr. Obama is gonna raise raise raise raise our taxes too and i can barely pay all my bills now and both my DH and i work FT and never, truly, as for the retail working class, we do not really know Obama. At least a person can confidently say they somewhat have a clue to what Bush Lite (McCain) is all about because you can read about his votes and history in Washington easily. I have solid reasons to not like nor ever want to vote for Obama. Nothing to do with being or not being black nor a Muslim. I also have concrete reasons why i will never ever vote Republican. So.......i am one of MANY in my life (white, black, Hispanic, middle class, poor and working poor) who are totally undecided and i fear quite honestly no one is going to vote. I miss Hillary. Damn shame she is not our nominee for President. THAT is the common feeling in my part of the world.....she had almost everyone i know's vote. :((((((((((((((((((((((((

Buddy, our deceased beagle, always tried to roll in the cooked ramen noodles like Boris does your lip balm. Crazy dog.

buckoclown said...

Biden is a smart choice.  He has the experience, the foreign affairs credentials, and can attract the blue collar vote similar to Senator Clinton.

As for kitty scents, Sheeba has a hankering for Peppo-Mint :o)

lsfp1960 said...

Hello, well I found your journal and have added it to my alerts.  Very well written!  I'll be back...Linda in WA  

preciousone25 said...

Browsing a few entries I've missed... and wondering how you cross out a word.... I COULD e-mail you about this, but then I wouldn't have anything to say as a comment.... LOL!!!


indigosunmoon said...

I had hoped against hope that he would have chosen Hillary, but I'm afraid that many people wouldn't have voted for him just because of her.  We still have people in this country who don't believe that a woman couldn't run this country...when we as women know that we could do as good or better a job than the men have.
Anyway, I hope Biden was a good choice.  We shall see I guess in November.

slapinions said...

I think Biden's a questionable to poor choice, for reasons I hope to detail on my blog later. Meanwhile  I respectfully disagree with this line:

"in keeping with Obama's attempt to run a more positive campaign, I think they'll ask him to keep it as low-key as possible."

I think the 'positive' campaign talk is just spin, and Biden is a better than average attack dog. There's no way they'll keep him low-key.


frankandmary said...

This is not meant as a negative about Obama, or his campaign in particular, I think the "positive" is what is being articulated, not what is being done. Biden is a pol pit bull. Now some of those types have been rather effective, because as much as people talk about gentler kind hug me crap, folks go negative quick. They seem to feel like the negative about the other guy is funny & accurate, but the negative about their guy is disrespectful lies. That is pretty much ALL campaigns I've seen, & if Americans really didn't like it, they'd have figured that out by turn away voters in past runs & stopped it.
We get what we, the voter, tolerate or encourage. ~Mary

lisawesmalayna said...

I to frequent the $5 movies, it used to be an addiction. I don't as much as I used to, I have little patience for people who toss them at me. Let me ask you have you ever got a cart and filled it to get to the bottom, to discover the one movie you love that nobody has found yet? What you asked Ken about Walmart, it must be how most of us feel. I got a kick out of it, for those are the words my wife and I utter often before we enter the store.
In regard to the cats, we love cats! Some years past we had three expecting cats at once. One day I was heading out for work and my wife asked "What do I do if one has their kittens today?" I replied "They won't honey. Don't worry about it!" Then left for work. She was worried, for she had never seen animal births or helped deliver them. I returned that night and all I needed to see was her face. I knew there had to been a birth. Before I could say anything she told me about her day. What happened was 15 minutes after I left one went into labor. 5 minutes after a second cat went into labor, then about an hour the third cat went into labor. She was shocked and overjoyed at the end of her day. The following day we had 14 kittens to name and care for. The funny thing is cat number two's name was Malayna we had named her that by accident. The reason is she had a giant M on her forehead, and I said "lets name her Malayna like off the Disney cartoon." My wife was confused and explained that it was called Mulan or something. My wife said Malayna is a pretty name and insisted if we ever have a girl we should name her that. Hence the name Malayna Jane, yes she is named after a cat. Jane comes from Jane Goodall, and my great-grandmother Manerva Jane. I can recall my great-grandfather used to jokingly say to her"Quiet woman your getting on MaNervas!"!

I wanted to also thank you for visiting my journal and commenting. It means a lot to me right now, to know somebody reads mine.



rdautumnsage said...

How does anyone ever mentally prepare for Wal-Mart. I pity my poor daughter working there. I love the fact your Sheeba is a Heeba, and Boris is a female in drag LOL. I have a cat Socrates (you saw her in the pictures of the dining room) who will only tolerate being petted so much. She won't claw you but doesn't hesitate to bitch slap you when she has had enough. It always catches you by surprise. (Hugs)Indigo

lurkynat said...

Yikes..Indigo's' daughter is at Wal Mart???
Hillary is an interesting person

easteeleco said...

I was pretty sure that Barack would not choose Hilary for a myriad of reasons, so no surprise there.  Choosing Joe was a bit of a surprise though.  Should be interesting to see how things proceed.  :) Estela