Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Watching history...LIVE!

Congratulations to Barack Obama, the official nominee of the Democratic Party in the 2008 Presidential election.
Was anyone watching the roll call? It's fun to hear all the "The great state of Indiana, home of Senator Evan Bayh, the Hoosier state, casts its vote for..." stuff! It just cracks me up to hear all that. (By the way, Senator Evan Bayh will be speaking during the 8 o'clock ET hour, if you'd like to get a glimpse of the guy I've written about.)
But what was really cool...did you see Senator Clinton as the spokesperson for New York? Did you see her asking for a suspension of the roll call, with a vote for Obama as the nominee by acclamation?
We just watched a woman who came very close to getting the nomination call for the nomination of a black man.
Think about that for a moment. I am in awe.


marainey1 said...

I did see the awesome sight and I really think Hilary would have made a great President.  Too bad the world isn't ready for a woman in the White House.
'On Ya' - ma

ziggy2315 said...

I did not see that history in the making. I suppose I thought it was a foregone conclusion that he would get the nomination, but formalities do have to take place. Good luck to him, I am sure he is in for the battle of his life.

chat2missie said...

Since I'm a republican, I don't bother watching the Democratic Convention.  Actually, I won't be watching the Republican one either! LOL  Have a good night.

slapinions said...

Didn't watch it, caught the sound bytes. It must have killed HRC to have to back Obama publicly to that extent. It was a necessity tho', if she has any chance at getting the nomination in four years. As far as what group deserved the nomination, if 'deserve' can ever be applied here, I would go left of my norm here and say that a woman should have taken the nod before an black man, as sexism goes back much further than American slavery.


lisawesmalayna said...

I love watching the roll calls, there are some names called that crack me up. I know I speak pretty serious about politics, but I find the humor in it as well.

mereel2005 said...

I watched also. Yes, history indeed in the making.

valphish said...

I'm still in awe.  And now Palin.  What a neat year!  I can't wait to see how many turn out for the election!  Wow... Sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday.  I had way too many appointments the last few days.  Hugs to ya, honey.  Have a good Labor Day weekend!  Hugs, Val xox