Friday, August 22, 2008

Two varieties of high speed

"Even the patience of the brothers was being tested by our slow Internet."
        ~~Father Daniel Van Santvoort, Cistercian monk, on his Welsh monastery's decision to get broadband access
Apparently a slow connection maddens monks as much as any of the rest of us! Who knew?
My poor Dad...they live in a remote enough location that they can't get a high speed connection, so he's still on dial-up. I hope a company can get a line out to them soon, because I know he really enjoys getting emails, but who knows. Dad can still get emails, but the connection is so slow that he only checks every couple of days. I sent some hummingbird pictures to him a while back, and he was able to get all of those okay. He could get satellite, and although they could probably afford it, they're still on a fixed income and Dad can't justify the cost.
We can't get DSL at our place, but we were able to get cable. I don't think I could handle dial-up now. My head would probably explode! I know how I react when something locks up, or I get frustrated by the computer. A few choice words start flying, believe me! It's funny to imagine how a monk might react. "Curse thee, Vista!" Ha!
A new Olympic sport in Beijing is BMX racing. I have to say...I love it! Motocross is big around here, which I think uses a similar track, but  motorbikes instead. I think BMX is probably another southern California thing. I was captivated as I watched these riders soaring over these hills and taking the curves high-up on the track. It became apparent very quickly that the first curve was a killer, and people were wiping out all over the place. When one guy wiped out, he usually took 2 or 3 others with him, and in one race, I think there were only 3 people that crossed the finish line out of 8 or so starters! No one seemed to be seriously hurt, though.
Ken thinks it won't last as an Olympic event, because there were just too many injuries, whether serious or not. He could be right, but I hope they give it a chance again. I thought it was fun to watch. Ken thought it was the equivalent of snowboarding in the winter Olympics, and I think he's right! We enjoyed watching that a lot a couple of years ago. These are certainly non-traditional sports, but they can be quite entertaining, and while the athletes also might be non-traditional, they're definitely athletes. I like bike-riding, but you'll never see me riding hell bent for leather like these guys do! Considering my general klutziness, I'd probably take out every single rider in the race! "Ohhhh! Look at that, Bob, Beth R.--they call her Extra Arm, you know--has wiped out yet again, and in the process, she's caused a massive wipe out...and it looks like it involves every rider in this race! Looks like no one is going to be crossing the finish line in this one, Bob. Oh, and by the way, hi Skippy." [You can find that reference here.]
Yeah, that would be about the way it would go for me.


markonit said...

... I think you are right about BMX being like the snowboarding in the Winter Games ... but it is something that will stay despite the injuries ...

... myself, I am not a real fan, but I have always enjoyed watching the whole BMX/skateboard thing ... if you get a chance, watched the seminal documentary on the start of the ska8r culture, "Dogtown and the Z-boy" (don't be fooled by "the Lords of Dogtown", same subject, different film!)

... have the best day ..!

buckoclown said...

We have not done much bike riding yet, have not figured whether to be in front or back, hmmmm.  I am thinking in back, that way I at least have a chance of avoidance :o)

rdautumnsage said...

I wouldn't have patience with DSL now. At least when you have cable or wireless connection you don't have to worry about the extra phone line or tying up the phones when your on. I don't know why, I haven't been into the summer Olympics much...I tend to enjoy the winter games more. Your in my thoughts hon. (Hugs)Indigo

indigosunmoon said...

Does your Dad have cell service where he lives?  Every time I called Verizon to ask them if they had internet service where I live, they said "not at this time."  I did have my cell phone and it always has plenty of bars, so I just didn't understand why I couldnt get high speed.  
Anyway,  my son brought his broadband card from Verizon up here one day and plugged it into my computer, and viola!, it worked perfectly!
I called Verizon, told them I wanted to subscribe to high speed...they sent me my high speed card and now I have it,and it works perfectly!

Anyway, if your cell phone works at his place, there is no reason why he can't get a high speed card and have it work.


ziggy2315 said...

Snowboarding will remain part of the winter Olympics, and remember that the next Olympic snowboarding you see will be from right here in Vancouver/Whistler. February of 2010.
 I remember having dial up years and years ago. Seems so prehistoric now, but sadly that is all some people can have because of where they live. Some of us are very fortunate.

queeniemart said...

i remember dial up well and am grateful EVERY day when i come online and my PC works....i hate hate it when the PC acts up. Course, 99% of the time it is AOL screwing up!