Monday, August 18, 2008


No, I didn't take this picture today--note the snowy branch! (No snow in August here!)
And no, I didn't see him...but a few minutes ago, I heard him loud and clear. The Great Horned Owl goes "Hoo hoo-hoo hoo hoooo." The other owls we have around our place do not make that characteristic deep hooting sound, and it was really cool to hear! He didn't sound that far away, either--he sounded like he was in a tree in the yard, rather than out in the woods.
When my folks had a place in Florida, when I was in college, I spent some time with them there. One night, I was walking home down the Bluff, flashlight in hand. It gets DARK out there, believe me! As I walked into our yard, there was a commotion off to my left, and I looked over to see a Great Horned Owl on the ground. When I shined the beam on him, he took off, and I'll never forget how that looked in the Florida night. His wing span had to be a minimum of six feet, and he was silent as he flew off. I was happy to hear that hoot in the night tonight and know that we have a Great Horned Owl here. Cool!
The Eggplant Parmigiana was delicious, but Kimberley reminded me to not overdo it like I did last time--I was so stuffed I almost felt ill! I ate only one quarter of the dish tonight, and I'm quite content and full.
In fact, it's only midnight and I'm actually feeling quite sleepy. I'm even yawning! Wha--? When was the last time this happened? I'm downright tired, and I think I'm going to go back to bed and turn on the Olympics. I'll set the timer for maybe an hour, and drift off to Snoozeville. It's probably important that I get a good night's sleep in preparation for shopping tomorrow. I'll  need plenty of energy for it, because it is not one of my favorite things to do. At least it's not at the dreaded MALL. Ugh! Nooooo! Not the mall! Aughhhh!
There's a reason I do most of my shopping online.


buckoclown said...

Stay Awake, Stay Awake, Staw Awake.  Picture a bright blast.  Do not get in the shopping mode.  You see nothing.  You are awake and journaling :o)

lisawesmalayna said...

Hi beth I really enjoyed the picture of the owl. I have loved owls since childhood and as crazy as this sounds a friend and I was walking in the woods when we discovered one sitting on a post. Young and dumb as I was I approached it and then did the unthinkable and touched it. I stroked its chest for a few minutes and it peacefully gazed at me. I know I should not have done it but something inside told me to do it.. It is to this day one of the most amazing things I have ever had the chance to do. You see I love nature and every thing about it.

Thank you,


lisawesmalayna said...


I just wanted to share the poem that I wrote shortly after the event.

An Owl Spoke

To stare into an owls eyes
To notice its beauty.
The owl and I
communicating as one mind.
Providing answers to our own demise.
I can see through its eyes.
A sound in the woods spooked it.
Flying away and landing on a branch.
Standing in a tree eyes fixed on me.
Some leaves fall to the ground.
I looked the owl in her eyes saying good bye.
She spread her wings and spoke.
Hoo hooo!
Suddenly she went away in the now darkened sky.
When the morning sun rose
my heart and body froze.
I discovered the owl on the earths cold ground.
Even her still body Spoke.
It spoke to me in my spirit.
Speaking to me in my heart, I could hear it.
Reminding me that life doesn't end.
It merely takes flight into a newly brightened sky.



luvrte66 said...

Wes, that's beautiful--thank you for sharing it with me and anyone who reads this!!


chat2missie said...

We have an owl in a big tree behind our house but I can never find him to take a picture.  We hear him all the time, but he's hidden really good in the tree.  Have a good day today.

jaymact1 said...

You are so lucky to have a Great Horned Owl near you they are magnificent birds.  We don't have that particular owl in Scotland.  You must have had a real shock that night in Florida I would have jumped out of my skin and I have been a bird watcher for almost 40 years.  a Tawny Owl flew out at us one day and we nearly died. Thanks for visiting me please call back.  Love Joan

gen0507 said...

Hubby & I went up on our hunting land a few days ago....(it was dusky dark) & there sitting in a tree was a Great Horned Owl.  We pulled up right under it in the truck.  It just sat there looking at us through the wind shield.  We probably watched it for 20 minutes or more before he flew.  Hubby even got out of the truck trying to take a picture with his camera phone, but it was too dark to make it out.  It was the coolest thing.  It was huge!


helmswondermom said...

Have you ever heard a screech owl?  While camping in the pitch black night waaay down in a hollow (holler)?  Startling to say the least!

queeniemart said...

Oh i would love to see an owl in real life....i am glad you saw one once. XO