Friday, August 29, 2008

Thanks, everyone!

Before I begin (I have something to say, imagine that!), thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes here or sent them via email! It was very kind of you all, and I appreciate it so much. You guys are the best! My Mom called this morning from the road to wish me a happy birthday. She said, "We wanted to see if this cell phone works. It does!" Ha ha! I also got a call from our friend Kimberley and we gabbed for a solid hour.
I'm just lazing around today, but if you haven't read Ken's entry about our plans, this evening we're heading up to Four Winds Casino for the seafood buffet, followed by a little time at the blackjack tables. We'll spend the night at a local hotel, then head back tomorrow. Should be a fun little getaway, and we're looking forward to it.
Speaking of gambling, some of you might remember a while back when Ken and I wrote about the candidates' gambling styles. (I couldn't find the entry, sorry.) In short, Obama loves poker and McCain loves craps. While on the surface this seems irrelevant, my analysis was that poker is a more deliberative game that requires some skill, including the ability to bluff. Craps, while requiring some knowledge of odds, is very much dependent upon the roll of the dice--literally. This tells me that Obama is more likely to study a problem, while McCain is more of a risk-taker, and this fits with what we know of them and their personalities.
That being said, Sen. McCain has picked Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, to be his running mate. (Reader Pat made the call this morning--good call, Pat!) I don't think anyone saw this one coming, although Ken said last night that he thought McCain would do something "unexpected." He sure did. And please note that while I usually use their titles, in the interest of getting my thoughts down quickly, I will just use their names in this entry.
Gov. Palin is younger than Obama. I don't think McCain is going to be able to use the "experience vs. youth" tactic, so that "card" has been taken off the table. While you all can find out the details of her life on your own--I'm sure we'll be hearing plenty about her in the coming days--I was interested in finding out what experience she has.
  • Alaska governor since December 2006
  • Unsuccessful run for Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in 2002
  • Chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, 2003-2004
  • Served two terms as Wasilla mayor and two terms on city council
  • She also served an elected term on the Valley Hospital board

I'm sold! Serving on the hospital board was the one that convinced me!

I'm sorry, but you've gotta be kidding me. I realize that her conservative stance on social issues will appease many in the GOP, but seriously...are you kidding me?!

One of McCain's big deals is protecting America from terrorism. And he chooses the governor of Alaska?? Oh yeah, I forgot about all those terrorist cells in Alaska! I'm sure there will be a vice-presidential debate. Biden will mop the floor with her. Of course, he'll have to be careful to not look like a bully.

Apparently she's also known as a "reformer," but her administration is under investigation. It concerns Palin's firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, who later said he felt pressured by the governor's office to fire Palin's ex-brother-in-law, a state trooper who was involved in a child-custody battle with Palin's sister. Hmm, interesting.

I really know very little about her, and I'd wager that most of us are in the same boat. We'll all find out more soon, I'm sure. I think she's probably a fine person, and it sounds like she's a fine governor. While I know we don't elect the vice-president, keep in mind that this is the person who will be running the country if something should happen to the President. From the governor of Alaska to the leader of the free world?

I think Senator McCain just crapped out.



markonit said...

... I think you are dead on center in this entry ... though we will find out more about Gov. Palin, one of the things about the GOP candidates is that there is muck to be found ... Gore and Kerry were above those tactics, and Clinton isn't someone who seemed to be worried about your dirt, as much as he managed his own closets ..!

slapinions said...

Why wouldn't/couldn't he bring up the age/experience card? We aren't electing a VP, as you said, and for experience Obama has . . .well, a speech four years ago. I have a friend in Alaska and I've heard nothing but good things about Palin over the last year +. [She's certainly never referred to a black man as 'clean' or joked about Indians owning convenience stores ala Biden :)]

Palin should shore up the conservative base (which as I've said is a McCain priority) and bring in a few stragglers who would be happy to have a woman on the ticket.

On a seperate note, upon review I think the Dem convention failed to ice the deal (how many times was McCain praised onstage? To paraphrase a comedian, if the Dems like him so much, why shouldn't I?) I hope to write up on that later on my own site.

Happy Bday btw!


rjsisti said...

Congrats on being selected as one of the Editor's Picks!

Hugs, Rose

jjdolfin9 said...

I think us small town people might surprise you Beth.  Time will tell, but don't count this woman out yet.

rdautumnsage said...

Umm maybe not, it might be a trump card after all. Remember for the first part of this election everyone was biased on either having a black president or a woman president. The first time in history for either. Like it or not people were decieding on one of those traits (kind of irked me they weren't looking at the potential for presidental worthy - the cards being played and offered)...

McCain couldn't possibly of held sway in the making history effort, until now. The first woman vice president in history. Doesn't matter to those people who wanted a woman president up there, now they can have her in the White House in one form or another. Sad but true this might play out that way. This is definitely going to be an interesting election. (Hugs)Indigo

chat2missie said...

He's going for the hillary voters with this one.  He's hoping the people who wanted a female president will settle for a famale vice president.  I don't know if it will work.

helmswondermom said...

I think he shocked a lot of people, and that this is going to be a little more interesting than I'd thought at first.  (I found out today she's a huntress, did you know that? -- just an interesting fact, nothing to do with the election!)

gen0507 said...

First of all ~ CONGRATS!!!  NOW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I hope you enjoy your night out!


aimer said...

My sentiments exactly. McCain is a class-A idiot if he really thinks that people supported Hillary Clinton because she was a woman. They supported HC because she is intelligent, capable, and has leadership qualities; the same reasons that Obama's supporters support him. What an insult to every person who supported Hillary to assume that they will fall over themselves to jump on the McCain bandwagon just because he has a female running mate.--Sheria

jimsulliv3 said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you! I love the blackjack tables as well.  Good luck!


jhorky said...

You do not know how much I hope you are right, on the McCain/Phalen choice.  I have great grandkids comming up and I do want some semblence of the USA left for them.   Lucille 4364

queeniemart said...

double phooey to both McCain and that chick.

where is Hillary when you need her most?

mleppard06 said...

hi, back again!! sorry missed ur birthday!! happy belated birthday!!! I don't do politics too confusing 4 hope you are having a good weekend. mrs t xx

ber144 said...

Stopping by via Sheria.

By the end of this week picking Palin might lead to the biggest implosion of a campaign in history.  McCain failed to do his homework, went with his gut and appears to have missed a lot.  I think the choice was more of a pander to the evangelicals than Hillary supporters-the GOP was planning on attacking Obama on the abortion issue after the convention.  They probably still will, but Palin may not still be around for it.  

The issue is not about Palin and her children, but rather McCain's rash decision making.  Belated happy birthday wishes.