Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three years ago....

Tropical Storm Gustav is expected to pass close to Jamaica today, and then move into the Gulf of Mexico, where it will, in all probability, gain strength and hit the Gulf Coast as a hurricane.
Of course, it's too early yet to tell where it will hit--anywhere from the Florida panhandle to Texas. And it's always possible it could hit New Orleans.
I don't want anyone to be harmed during this storm--although it's already killed several in Haiti--but all I can think is, "Please, not New Orleans again."
Three years ago, I remember watching the weather reports closely. We had just been to New Orleans the previous month with Kim and Steve, and the "bon temps" were still fresh in my mind. We were there during Tropical Storm Cindy, which was later upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, and made it out just before they closed the airport because of heavy rains from Hurricane Dennis. On the 29th, I had the day off, and I remember sitting out on the deck talking to my Mom on the phone as we watched the news reports coming in that Katrina was hitting New Orleans. I had a sense of "They'll ride it out, it'll be okay."
Later that day, the levees began to breach, but it wasn't until the following day, when I was back at work, that I began to hear that the levees had completely failed in several spots, and virtually the entire city was flooded. Two days after the Louisiana landfall, 85% of New Orleans was under water.
I can still feel the horror I felt then, as I watched my favorite city descend into mayhem and madness. I'm sure none of us will ever forget it. I won't go into the politics of it all--there was a complete breakdown on virtually every level. I'll just keep everyone who is in harm's way in my prayers, and keep thinking, "Please, not New Orleans again."


wwfbison said...

I love New Orleans as well and shared your heartbreak watching the events unfold. I really hope they don't get hit again, the radio has already reported some people are saying they won't leave.  I do hope they listen this time.

queeniemart said...

Katrina will go down to MILLIONS as the BIGGEST wrong doing off Bush's entire time in the White House.
I saw a 20/20 or Dateline show last month about a husband and wife team who owned a nursing home who refused to evacuate the nursing home and some eldery died....have you heard about that? Another tragedy from NO that just boggles your mind. I want to go there someday and you are part of the reason....i love how you write about it and your love for the place.
And P.S- i love the jackals term. People are just crazy.

rdautumnsage said...

I really hope it doesn't hit New Orleans again. These storms erupt so many lives, not just the humanity but the animals that are abandoned as well.
As I sit here with my own piece of history from that storm, I will be keeping everyone in my prayers on the smoke...this tragedy doesn't need another chapter added to it. (Hugs)Indigo

carouselqueen70 said...

I pray that everyone will be safe...hugs, Christine

chat2missie said...

I really hope Gustav changes his mind, changes directions, and heads back out where he formed!

mereel2005 said...

I join you in those prayers.

marainey1 said...

I'm praying with you.  Please Lord calm the storm.  One of my sons lives an hour or so away from there and had to evacuate when Katrina came along.  Hopefully he won't again.  It was unbelievable how much was destroyed.  Lost never to be again. I had visited the year before and got to walk the streets of New Orleans.
'On Ya' -ma

amy122389 said...

three years ago...yet it seems like it just happened...  :-/


gen0507 said...

I agree totally!  I has rained here every day since Saturday (Up to today~ it's sunny) ~ off the previous tropical depression.  I can't imagine being on the front of a hurricane....  I'll be praying too.


jimsulliv3 said...

Gustav's tracking is dead-on for Louisiana, give or take a couple of the models. If it goes there, it will be a knock-out for New Orleans, because I guar-on-tee those levees have not been properly repaired. Let's hope it misses.

Meanwhile....out in the Atlantic....


buckoclown said...

After having been to Haiti, Jamaica, and New Orleans - it is sad every time we hear of deaths in these places.

indigosunmoon said...

I pray it doesn't hit New Orleans.  That town is just now starting to see the light of day some three years later.  I honestly dont think it could take another storm like Katrina.  I hope the crazy storm just does a complete turn and misses the US completely.

lisawesmalayna said...

I remember it all too well, lets hope New Orleans is spared this time. Louis Armstrong once said "It's a Wonderful World" that we live in, and New Orleans and it's people are wonderful as well. So, let's all pray together, and hope that we shall not have any hurricane come marching in.

Blessed be,